: Royal Life in Manasollasa (): P. Arundhati: Books. This is the first attempt to render Manasollasa from Sanskrit into English. Manasollasa of King Somesvara – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Karnataka) between and AD, composed Manasollasa or details about Manasollasa, the Sanskrit text related to fish, its translation in English, and.

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I, philos- ophy and life. All those diseases of elephants caused by Vata and Pitta are cured without fail, by a mixture of Guduchitwo types of Parnikatwo types of MedaJivaka and Rishabhatwo types of KakoliAshvagandha englisb, Vidari and Shatavarieither in powder, paste, or decoction form.

[Advaita-l] Manasollasa by Sureshvaracharya

He should issue another proclamation inviting good runners to take part in the sport by running with the elephant in return for money- After taking meals he should dress himself and put on ornaments, send proper dress to the princes, their wives and to his tributary princes, and go along with his queen and ladies of the harem to the arena on an elephant in the afternoon when the sun is setting.

The chapter opens with astrological observations on the auspicious and inauspicious moments for putting on new dress and gives the results arising therefrom. The Manasollasa encyclopedic treatise was manasllasa in Sanskrit in Kannada speaking region of India. Baroda, 27th February G.

Six aiigulas below is the Nabhl-sutra. After performing the Upanayana ceremony in the eighth or eleventh year the prince should be taught one of the Vedas, the englisy of weapons and various other sciences.


The servants of the elephants should, surrounding the elephant, make war-cries and thus animate the warriors. A good mare also can be used as a Yana, or a horse having all the four gaits should be taken as a Yana. A small arena for actual cock-fight should be engljsh.

This use of Hingu is not known in Northern India. Thus he selects only two girls Padmini and Citrini on sex basis, two i.

I, Kalikhanda, This, no doubt, bespeaks the great interest the royal author King Somesvara took in the science and perhaps also in the englishh of Music. He should look at them with a smiling face or gracious looks. Next he engpish the three styles and qTaarc?! The conferring of knowledge in devotional languages enables a sadhaka to develop with adoration the traits of krtartha emanating from the realized one who sets the model whose outpourings are this hymn.

They should be allowed to graze in the forest until they become bold enough to eat their food even in the presence of men moving near them. Thus the author combining both these kinds divides all women into six kinds instead of seven as frerifr is common manaso,lasa both these divisions.

Royal Life in Manasollasa – (English) (Hardcover)

Amongst the definitions of Alahkaras that of Svabhavokti is worth noting. One strong house inside the Englis may be prepared manasolalsa a ditch around and a staircase leading to the top in order to have a view of the sports from an elevated seat at the top of the house. The king should maintain Bhavisnu and Praudha wrestlers upto thirty-two on condition that they may be required to fight at the end of this period.


The art of preparing wine is described in Manasollasa from grape and sugarcane, with unusual sources being based on brewing of Talimadya palmNarikelasava coconut and Khajurasava date. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. Uddhara Kosa of Dakshinamurti Muni. On this point further information may manasol,asa be obtained from the Yogagrhacitra as cited in the Hathayogapradipika.

Rangaswami Aiyangar, Hindu University, Benares.

Manasollasa english — Поиск по картинкам — [RED]

Difficulties of the editor are enhanced by the fact that the extant MSS. It is one of the best series issued in the East as regards the get up of the individual volumes as well as the able editorship of the series and separate works.

The fighters with manasollaa marks on their bodies and special dress should then come there on female elephants. A foot soldier and a soldier on an elephant require such spears, while a mounted warrior requires only the spear head. This the author thinks, imparts taste to the food and helps digestion. Let us take these twenty-one kinds one by one.

Iff 1 ‘a D. Legal and Constitutional History of India:

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