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They will continue the adventure together but we will have their points of view to both, on each side, which will give us the impression of two parallel paths rather than a common history.

Oct 26, Kobe Bryant rated it liked it. A tangled web of a novel. Ah, God bless the French! It was — as far as I could tell — but certainly departed from the novelistic norms. Even when the treatment is not overt, there is a homoerotic subtext that runs throughout, which encompasses Olivier’s friend, Bernard, and their schoolfellows Gontran and Philippe. It’s a heavy read and still the writing style drags your eyes along the pages with force. But the transitional nature of the story is interesting.

Somewhere in my reading, in fact, I began assuming any male character was gay until proven otherwise.

Dec 03, Gregg Bell rated it liked it. Good conversations and a pretty exciting plot.

Gide, a winner of the Nobel prize for literature, is an old-time writer, the emphasis being on “writer,” rather than “novelist. Gide, instead of letting the plot twists and turns let the story flow as the c This book I couldn’t figure out. I finally finished it and am now going to read the journal the author kept while writing this. No trivia or quizzes yet. We re introduced to charact Gide, Andre. Hay una historia secundaria que tiene que ver con unos estudiantes parisinos que se encargan de estafar por medio de unas monedas falsas, y que me parece le sirve a Gide Eduardo para simbolizar su argumento principal: Relationships of every variety are explored: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


In the novel, the author gives us to see a literary meeting where we see some great figures of the time, like Alfred Jarry who looks at this moment of a man overbearing, crazy and slightly offbeat reality by this original character that he plays in society. Known for his fiction as well as his autobiographical works, Gide exposes to public view the conflict and eventual reconciliation between the two sides of his personality, split apart by a straight-laced education monederoz a narrow social moralism.

It reminds me of The Way of All Flesha 19th century bildungsroman centering on an uncle monexeros his nephew, with winks to the discerning reader. Ostensibly it’s about a young artist’s search for artistic authenticity.

Page count missing – It’s practically right out of Dickens, but like lo two of Dickens Quotes from The Counterfeiters. That is the primary theme of the novel which comes from the title of the book by the writer Edouard.

The Counterfeiters

Meanwhile, the threads of the primary characters, who I assume to be Olivier, Bernard, and Edouard, neatly sort themselves out without any significant developments, excluding some juvenile angst on the part of Olivier. Gide toca temas importantes y universales: This is a great novel about the soul-searching of adolescent males during their late teens. This novel may have been controversial and significant in its time, particularly in regards gidd its unique stylistic exposition and the obvious homosexuality of most of the characters, but I do not think it is a novel “for all ages” as Gide might have wished.

Gide develops this idea in a French setting and adds more characters of uncertain virtue. Sep 03, Dusty Myers rated it it was ok. Therefore, the book has been seen as a precursor of the nouveau roman.

There is also the coming of age story of Bernard and Olivier as they prepare to leave school — but does this extend beyond their education and monedegos from all who are learning about the world? At 19, I liked it because the author maintained a rapid pace and clearly had great affection for his characters.

Jul 28, Khadijah Qamar rated it really liked it Shelves: Edouard, a kind of lo for Gide, is Olivier’s “uncle” through marriageand in the loss of his beloved nephew opts instead of his schoolfriend, Bernard.


It went on the market about when Josephine Baker was in Paris dancing naked except for a string of bananas around her waist, so I imagine the French public was ready as well for something provocative by way of literature. The Counterfeiters is a book for writers, intellectuals or learners.

The denouement cannot spoilhowever, I did not like much because it felt a bit obvious and heavy-handed to me and it rang hollow, so that was a shame. I wonder if Gide is still assigned reading in school these days. The book is a campy act much in the spirit of the movie All About Eve. It’s especially informative and interesting to be witness to the progress of the novel in the Appendix, which reads as Gide’s diary throughout the writing of The Counterfeiters.

Wenn abdre so will, eher Neobarock als Aufbruch zu neuen Ufern.

The Counterfeiters by André Gide

I wonder if it’s the first time anyone has ever written that. His life goes downhill as he murders her and goes insane. La historia se centra en la vida de dos chicos adolescentes: El texto tiene estructura de notas del borrador.

Trivia About The Counterfeiters. So it follows, with Gide’s journals, the book is about writing about writing about writing, among its many themes. Two characters stand out from the crowd, however, it is Lady Faksos and the Count of Passavant who seem to be the evil gods and manipulators of this story. Drifts moederos one character to the next. I had frankly hoped that the Angel could have saved the little boy and still regret that he did not. It wasn’t the easiest of books to follow but it was good in an interesting way.

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