Grace: An Exposition of God’s Marvelous. Gift by. Lewis Sperry Chafer. Contents. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Chapter 1 – The. Grace has 54 ratings and 6 reviews. Brad said: Easily the best and most thorough treatment of the subject I have ever read. This book may open your eyes. The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus by Lewis S. Chafer covers the God’s Eternal Plan; being Reconciled and Redeemed; Freedom from the Law; being Adopted.

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By that trust, CHRIST is personally received as the divine Redeemer who shed His blood as a sufficient ransom for the guilt and penalty of sin, as the One who reconciles by having taken away the sin of the world, and as the divine Propitiation who, as Substitute, met every indictment brought against the sinner under the holy government of GOD.

May 31, Joy rated it really liked it.

Password Must be at least 6 characters. Reconciled to God, “Much more being reconciled to God” Rom 5: There could be no immediate salvation through the Spirit. Rejecting the saving truth of the Gospel, these men could not be saved upon any promise or provision of GOD.

The first eight chapters of Romans contain the whole doctrine of salvation in its past and present tense aspects: They are facts cafer the newly created life out of which most precious experiences may grow.



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The second truth which might profitably be more fully developed is that of the new manner of life which is first wrought as a purpose in the heart by the Spirit and is then lived out in the power of the same Spirit, accompanied by that heavenly joy which always attends the realization of heavenly desires.


There are other and sufficient motives for Christian conduct than the effort to create such eternal facts of the divine life.

The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus by Lewis S. Chafer

They utterly reject the only reason given in the Word of GOD for the death of Christ – He died that lewls might not die. Barbara Wilson rated it it was amazing Aug 28, When it comes to grace, no one explains it better. The last section, beginning with chapter 4, is altogether an appeal for a manner of life befitting one raised to such an exalted heavenly position. Apr 22, Brad rated it it was amazing. These eternal riches of grace are for the lowest sinner who will only believe.

All of these transformations are superhuman, and, taken together, form that part of salvation which is already the portion of every one who chafrr believed. Spiritual understanding is not, therefore, dependent upon human sagacity or learning; it depends only on the teaching of the indwelling Spirit.

Passwords should have at least 6 characters Error: Of course, the bottom line of Chafer is salvation by grace alone. Following this is the injunction for a consistent life in view of the divine blessing.

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Chafer’s Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus – Study Resources

It is all superhuman and God alone could do it: Possessing Every Spiritual Blessing: Pewis can be so subtle to take from basic grace.

Is this grace-system a success? To illustrate, sonship does not grow into fuller sonship, even though a son may be growing. To these religious leaders, their is no supernatural; for GOD is not real.

Grace by Lewis Sperry Chafer –

Vitally United to the Father, Son, and Spirit: O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! Therefore, a notable neglect of the most vital truths of Scripture and the denial of the essential glories of divine grace is to be expected from these religious leaders who reject the only grounds of salvation through the substitutionary death of CHRIST. Foreknown, “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son” Rom.


THROUGH false emphasis by many religious leaders, Christianity has become in the estimation of a large part of the public no more than an ethical system. They brand this saving truth as “immoral,” and “unworthy of the goodness of GOD.

It is obvious that no attempt to imitate this manner of life could result in such exalted positions; but the positions, when wrought of God, create an entirely new demand in life and conduct in the Word of God these demands are never laid upon unregenerate men.

The first step in spiritual understanding is the knowledge of GOD as Father.

That He might thus be free to satisfy His boundless love for us He met all the issues of sin for a lost and ruined world, and so perfectly has Chafet wrought that man need now but believe and thus receive the bounty of His grace. These long centuries of human struggle were decreed for this one purpose.

Good explanation of our relationship with God under law, age of grace, kingdom age. The carnal Christian is not urged to try to live a spiritual life; he is rather besought to yield himself to GOD, apart from which there can be no Spirit-filling with its realization of power.

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