iv KURDISH GRAMMAR Some years of study and residence among the Kurds of various parts of ICurdistan —Kurmanji Kurdish— A Reference Grammar with. This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized Learning grammar, one way or another, is a necessary element of learning language. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 4 10 Grammar / Rêziman 4 (continued) Some common prepositions and circumpositions with examples are the following: ba/nik/cem.

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My uncle has a son and two daughters. Two new novels have been translated and published by Istanbul Kurdish Institute. My mother ate cream and the famous honey fromWan.

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How will they know you? In their family no-one works except for him. And I had thus fallen asleep. Here are the feminine and plural forms first: Fill in the blanks paying attention to the usages of the prepositions and postpositions. Therefore I and my mother went out to have breakfast. It was good lit. Good day, my name is Zeyneb. The masters built two houses. The origins of Kurdish.

In the present tense, the familiar forms of the copula endings see Grammar in lesson 1 are simply added to the particle he- yielding: Grammar of the Nyimang Language. These texts cover a range of topics to build vocabulary and also focus on frequent use of grammar forms being taught.


In such combinations, what usually happens is that the preposition blends together with the pronoun, yielding the following forms: What are you busy with? One difficult feature of Kurmanji is the widespread use of circumpositions: But it is also often used for the narration of the traditional tales, fables etc. The Oblique forms are used everywhere else, for example, to express the possessor of something: I was deep in imagination [lit.

Kurdish is like French or Spanish in that the noun comes first, and then it is followed by the attribute. The books are on the table.

Grammar Of The Kurmanji Or Kurdish Language

She is very content with her situation. We came two hours ago. In one year, twelve months exist. The donkey, the fox, the ram and the rooster continued on together, then they met a rabbit. It can be something arranged or a prediction about ukrdish future. For the present lesson murdish will focus only on the conditionals in the present tense. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 7 6 3.

As it is seen in the examples above, for conjugating the intransitive verbs in the simple past tense in Kurmanji, we add a set of personal endings to the past tense stems of the verbs.

He stood up on his legswandered around but did not see kyrmanji, and then he lay down again. The half-dead wolf said: The other wolves were curious, saying: It is important to know the gender of a noun because it affects the form of the case marker, and of the Ezafe marker see D below.


This form is also used to express commands and orders, i.

Grammar of Kurmanji or Kurdish Language – PDF Free Download

Education of Kurdish Language. These exercises, also done with Quizlet flashcards, allow you to create various types of tests kurmanui yourself and get immediate feedback which shows questions missed and correct answers. They are once a week. We will talk later.

She studies in Ankara and she will be a doctor. Naz, do you cook good food lit.

Complete the conjugation of the verbs in simple past tense. No they will not. It will be very good. When will you come to our home? Mehmed Uzun is the most famous Kurdish author. This also replaces the subjunctive prefix bi.

Kudmanji have drunk three glasses of water today. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 9 2 4. Rewrite the sentences with the correct form of the pronoun.

In the afternoon I watched a music program TV — understood by the verb watch. In contrary with the framework for previous successor of Kurdish orthography by legends like J. I am an engineer.

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