Datta, S.C.; Bal, S.N., Pharmacognosy of Kurchi bark. KURCHI bark, Holarrhena antidysenterica, is an important anti- dysenteric drug and is official in the Indian Pharmacopoeia (). However, adulteration of this. kurchi bark, which we will speak of as. ” kurchi alkaloids,” in the treatment of acute amoebic in- fections by intramuscular injections. This paper illustrates the.

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Pharmacognosy of streblus bark drug. They are seriate, wide towards the outside and consist of thin walled radially elongated parenchymatous cells. International Journal of Crude Drug Research 22 2: The plant is a small tree and besides the bark, seeds known as Indrajav, are also used in medicine. Move Close Fever of vatta-pitta: The parenchymatous cells contain rhomboidal crystals and a few starch grains.

Pharmacognosy of Thevetia peruviana bark.

Pharmacognosy of Kurchi bark

kjrchi All types of health information are provided by this site free of cost for social welfare if you like this; please share this site on your platform as like- Website, Blog, Your Social Media account and any other web portal. Wrightia tinctoria bark, an adulterant of Kurchi. It is bitter in taste. Boil this mixture with ml water until it remains only 50 ml quantity then filter it and mix honey.


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Make the powder by grinding kurchi bark, holarrhena antidysentrica wall indrajavIndian berberin, Indian atees, dry ginger and flowers of downy grislea together. Make the powder by grinding 50 grams bark of kurchi tree and take it for 7 days regularly, it prevents bloody amoebic dysentery.

Sources, Preparation and Uses With Diagram. Move Close Blood amoebic dysentery: Assay of Kurchi Bark. Kurchi kugchi is useful for the treatment of spleen problemsdiarrhoeapiles and inflammation.

Pharmacognosy of Alstonia bark drugs. Indian Jour Pharm 7 4: This powder should be taken with honey and rice water because it helps to prevent dysentery. Pharmacognosy of allamanda cathartica bark drugs. In-group, rectangular to elongated, walls striated and have pitted thickening and contain prisms in them. You are here Home. Kurchi bark and Kutaiarishta Distribution of alkaloids and assay.

If someone takes this medicine twice a day regularly, he feels very relief from chronic stones. Move Close Bloody diarrhoea: They are wide, interspersed with groups of lignified, pitted, stone cells of large lumen and of various shapes rectangular to elongate and sizes.

Sources, Microscopical Characters and Uses Gentian: Mix ground bark of kurchi tree with curd and give it to the patient regularly, it brings out stones after breaking. Kurchi bark is red and brown in color. If someone has been suffering from bloody diarrhoea, he should take a decoction of kurchi bark with honey because it provides relief in this disease.


International Journal of Crude Drug Research 20 1: Shows outer cork, wide Phelloderm containing stone cells and wide phloem with medullary ray and tangentially arranged stone cells. It is used in the same way as Kurchi bark. Please Copy and Paste this URL and text- Free for everyone, free solution and all health problems and more information are in www.

Copyright All Rights Reserved. Pharmacognosy of four Leguminosae-bark drugs. Planta Med 12 1: They are layers, thin walled somewhat rectangular cells, at times arranged in radial rows. Kurchi d bark cortex holarrhenae antidysentericae a drug of great therapeutic potential. Bark Hollarhena Floribunda obtained from Tropical Batk contains 1.

It destroys the stomach worms and brings out phlegm. It consists of phloem parenchyma, medullary rays and groups of stone cells arranged in tangential rows separated by medullary rays.

Function, Properties and Classification of Alkaloids. Quarterly Journal of Crude Drug Research 8 1:

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