The book Sri Krishna Karnamrita by Bilvamangala Thakura in English in PDF format. Book: Sri Krishna Karnamrita (with a commentary by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami and Padas by Srila Yadunandana Thakura) Author: Sri. Shri Krishna-karnamrita. by Shrila Bilvamangala Thakura. Text 1 cintamanir jayati somagirir gurur me shiksha-gurush ca bhagavan shikhi-pishcha-maulih.

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This contains a lot of info about the birthplace of the poet, showing evidence from rock edicts, temple-wall-scribings, findings of archeologists etc. Oh, how wondrous, wondrous is this body!

Shri Krishna-karnamrita

I am absorbed in contemplating my Lord, whose eyes resemble luscious lotuses gently developing their beauty under the rays of the sun, and whose moon-face is full of beauty, being exhilarated with delight at His having defeated the milkmaids in the lovers’ quarrels. So goes the legend. Seventh Shloka Shri Venu Geet: A rare gem of the treasure trove of Sanskrit literature, the bhavas of ‘Shri Krishna Karnamrita are as exalted and serious as they are simple, and the language is as artistic and sweet as it is pure.

Nepal Pilgrimage Chapter 5: Above all, the Shataka is not just an object of paath but it has all the divine ingredients needed for relishing Sri Radha-Krishna’s transcendental pastimes, as it is an imperishable cascade of Vraja’s madhur rasa.

Sri Krishna Karnamrita

Sri Lilashuka Bilavamangal,the composer of the ‘Sri Krishna Karnamrit”, belongs to the parikar of madhur bhava or the pivotal concept of sweet love. Let that [glow] and that [appearance] be relished [by Yourself or by those souls competent to do so].


Aarti of Shri Ram [48] Vinay Patrika: Fourteenth Shloka Shri Venu Geet: He is delightful to see, and with His tender, artless, darting glances He fills my mind with an indescribable agitation. The Yoga of Wisdom Chapter V: Bharat Stuti [39] Vinay Patrika: Bobo’s Ill Health Chapter Guru Purnima 30th July, April, Spiritual Calendar: His eyes flashing with delight, He bewilders Cupid with the krlshna of His smile.


Ushaji’s Birth Chapter 4: March, Spiritual Calendar: Fifty-ninth Shloka ‘Shri Krishnakarnamrita: Hymn 99 Vinay Patrika: Ma Siddhidatri is Worshipped on the Ninth Navratra. Shiv Stuti-7 Vinay Patrika: Pratibhaji Prem Sudha Dhara: This is rare even among the planets of the demigods.

Bhagavad Gita Sloka Gallery. She pitied and scolded him for his waywardness and showed karnarita the spiritual path. O Lord, You and You alone are my worshipful Deity, giver of love, fulfiller of desire. Now he will have to make Me his own.

He is said to have been a renowned scholar and lived on the eastern bank of river Krishna Venva in South India from the12th century Karjamrita. Sudden Departure For Mandleshwar Chapter Alas, I am completely unlucky! Satellites prove it twice!

Every day they appear newer and newer, at every step they increase their charm and elegance, and at every moment they sparkle krishba and more brilliantly.


Shri Haridasji Chapter That tinkling is sweetened by His effulgent forefeet, which are receiving waves of playful glances from His rolling eyes, and by the flooding resonances of His flute-song.

Shri Krishna-karnamrita

Dey, krishnadAs kavirAj and other professors also said that this poet belongs to Andhra. He is encircled by thousands of effulgent milkmaids, whose garments are becoming loose again and again from their extreme pleasure at hearing the flute and who are trying to hold them up. Seeing an enchanting pond on the way Bilavmangal rested there for some days. He possesses two wondrous feet, which are the shelter for the shelterless, which glow with the brilliance of many ornaments, which move this way and that, which are abundant with divine pastimes, and which fill the three worlds with the mellows of love.

November Spiritual Calendar: P assionately drawn towards her, he followed her home.

Part 1 Braj Bhoomi Mohini: Further Intensification of Sadhana Chapter Ninth Shloka Shri Venu Geet: Pilgrimage to Kamvan Chapter Let there be thousands of men who possess relishable beauty, and let there be thousands of men who are steady in the glory of the fragrance of attractiveness.

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