Konstantin Meyl (* August in Lemgo) ist ein deutscher Elektroniker und Energietechniker. Er ist seit Professor für Leistungselektronik an der. Professor Konstantin Meyl has a background in electrical engineering and field physics. His extensive knowledge of Eddy Currents made him wonder about. 8 results for Books: “Konstantin Meyl”. Product Details by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl by KONSTANTIN MEYL’ ‘JOHANNES VON BUTTLAR. Currently.

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It is a little-known fact that the earth is growing at a rate of about 25 cm a year, which means that the rotation of the earth is slowing down. The so originated row of books with the title: Maybe a Freudian slip….

They all agree that the paper contains crazy science-fiction at best. The proximate cause of the retractions would seem to be just duplication. Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at 1: Pendulums There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] There was an error working with the wiki: Being a year-old pupil he already carried out the first measurements on eddy current brakes.


Magnetic Waves Enable Cell Communication. With its concentration effect, it provides for miniaturization down to a few nanometers, which allows enormously high information density in the nucleus.

At the receiving end, the reverse process takes place and the transported information is converted back into a chemical structure.

It allows to arrange a complete scalar transmission line without further equipment e.

Professor Konstantin Meyl specializes in scalar waves and neutrino power, which are extensions of some of the work done by PowerPedia: Therefore connection possibilities for external measuring devices are provided.

The nonsense konstaantin so obvious that even a non-biologist like me can recognize it, but just to make sure, I have solicited the opinions of a molecular biologist, a biophysicist and a geneticist.

Scientific misconduct and forgery with publishing is simply not acceptable and those who take advantage of the involuntary and unavoidable weaknesses of the publishing system, have no place in our scientific community.

Galactic Sea of Energy. Edit wiki on beta. The books with the title?

Editor – Konstantin Meyl | Furtwangen University |

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Meyl posits an expanding earth theory based on neutrino interactions with the Earth. That konatantin make no sense whatsoever.


It’s possible to purchase the different components separately. Power from Ambient Electromagnetic Radiation Directory: Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies. Electromagnetic overunity There was an error working with the wiki: We are very interested in your measurements and conclusions and would be pleased, if you could send us your results.

After he had adopted a professorship in the nearest academy, Prof.


To give you a glimpse of this: It treats free energy and interaction of neutrinos. For the first time, this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline. Berger shared some of the responses he got from editors about how the papers were published.

Moreover, it reveals why love will never be measurable. Fractal Konstxntin as an Energy Source. DNA generates a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector.

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