KENTON KNEPPER & MARK TOWNSEND, CARDS OF INFLUENCE RON MARTIN . KENTON KNEPPER, PERFECTED PREDICTION PHANTOMAS. You will predict daily events in your every day life. . The first groundbreaking works by Kenton Knepper’s Famous Students; Works by .. Perfected Prediction. Products by Kenton Knepper Perfected Prediction Devious and easy to do sealed predictions; Extra goodies including cloud busting on a business card.

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Any detailed review would re-hash the write-up. Special Offers View the range.

One includes a switch, the other does not. Magic Tricks View the range. It might see a little more action.

Seth speaks Inner circle New Mexico Posts. I’ve got Posts. Regards Christopher Be Entertained The good news is that I have done the work for you already.

It offers a variety of handlings and methods for different situations including the one-to-one postal effect. They open the prediction themselves.


You flash what you have written, but obviously do not let the people see exactly what you have predicted yet.

You write with a marking pen your predictions on top of these signatures for contrast. It’s been a while since I looked at the routine. Voodoo Prediction by JL Magic Magic, mentalism and weerd performance styles Suit Cut to Orde.

Manufacturer No Featured Product No. In all pergected – the routine is dead easy except for the switch. This same paper is sealed in an envelope.

Kenton Knepper – Magicpedia

If they keep it, you need to switch. Accessories View the range. Highly Recommended View the range. The people all legitimate – no one is in on it sign the paper, draw doodles on it and so on to ensure the paper cannot be switched. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Have a question about this product?

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However, all the Kentonism’s probably are worth the price alone anyways. Do it on stage, one-on-one for a friend who visits with you, stand-up and more. Cart Contents Checkout My Account. After each unusual effect and method is a L Be the first to ask the question!


Kenton Knepper

Orediction have read the ads of the perfected prediction and I feel they might be misleading I especially love that you can do it under conditions just as the ad states: Write a review about this product. During the show some of the people who signed the prediction come forward with the envelope. Do it on stage, one-on-one for a friend who visits with you, stand-up and more.

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