Failed to load the PDF. Please continue with PDF download. Find: Previous. Next. Highlight all. Match case. Presentation Mode Open Print Download. Keanekaragaman Jenis Tumbuhan Paku (Pteridophyta) di Jalur Pendakian Selo Kawasan Taman Nasional Gunung Merbabu, Jawa Tengah. View Pteridophytes Research Papers on for free. bertujuan untuk mengumpulkan data dan informasi tentang keragaman jenis tumbuhan paku.

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PPT – 2. Pteridophyta PowerPoint Presentation – ID

Difference in clay content was the most relevant variable in sites with uniform cation concentrations. The structurally preserved trunks and rhizomes alone are referable to more than fossil keanekaragaaman that are classified in up to 20 genera, four subfamilies, and two families.

Aiming to evaluate the consequences of reduced sampling effort on the retention of ecological information, we tested how differences in plot width affect pterirophyta perceived relationship between environmental variation and the composition of the pteridophyte community in Central Amazonia.

Click here to sign up. A certain fern stops producing spores, eggs, and sperm.

From the total collection, five species differed from the earlier These ferns are restricted to the central and keanekaragzman parts of Gujarat in northern Western Ghats. More information and software credits. Remember me on this computer. By ray-weaver Follow User.


The research plots consisted of 15 plots. The reduction of plot width from 2. Like ferns and horsetails, club mosses have both an pterodophyta and sexual stage in their life cycle. Optical evaluation of the shading properties of climbing fern Lygodium japonicum used as a thermal buffering green wall plant.

The effect of canopy openness on pteridophyte species composition was not consistent among sample sizes. The fern’s underground stem is a rhizome. Club mosses are spore-producing vascular plants with branching stems and tiny, scalelike leaves.

Result of the study found 15 species from the genus Selaginella Selaginella ornata1 species of the genus Cyathea Cyathea contaminans and 13 species of the genus Polypodiaceae consist of Adiantum raddianum, A. Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds.

The fossil Osmundales Royal Ferns —a phylogenetic network analysis, revised taxonomy, and evolutionary classification of anatomically preserved trunks and rhizomes. Our study concluded that, elders of the area have more knowledge than youngers in the population, an ethno medicinal practice of pteridophyte species by various indigenous people for treating various diseases and food use is prominent and may be considered as potential source for pharmaceutical industries to prepare new drugs to fight against various diseases.

All newly identified species are found to be new record for the Gujarat state. For these reasons, this plant is named a club moss. About 23 species were collected pteidophyta Gujarat state, from which eight species viz.


Pteridophytes Research Papers –

We introduce several nomenclatural novelties: This is called a sorus plural, sori. One stage is called the sporophyte stage and the other is called the gametophyte stage. Flowers for Algernon.

But the life cycle of a club moss may take as long as 15 years to complete! For all tested plot widths, community composition was associated with soil clay content and was not associated with the terrain slope. Establishing which factors determine species distributions is of major relevance for keanekarahaman applications such as conservation planning.

With regard to habitats, most of the species were terrestrials followed by lithophytes and epiphytes.


We concluded that the smallest plots were informative enough to detect the main gradients of composition and their association to environmental factors. Measures of pteridopjyta, canopy openness and soil clay content were taken in 37 terra-firme forest plots. By reading the reflectivity spectrum, concomitant chlorophyll fluorescence signals F from Lygodium leaves were also detected at nm, which corresponds to the O2-A Fraunhofer line.

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