With the school admission notice, the required document of visa application for study in China (Form JWor JW), students apply for the student’s visa in. Today is July, 22, only around one month left until students from different countries have to fly to China to start their studies. The deadlines for. KCEL can arrange student visaX1, X2 for you according to your schedule and need. Click to know Chinese visa payment and application process.

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X2 visa is usually issued for one entry with validity up to 6 months.

You must print a new form in case of any change or correction. FAQs Study in China. According to our experiences, most of physical examination report done in home countries can not be fully verified. Some non-US passport holders holding passport from countries on the attached list are required to apply in person.

F visa usually known as a business visa is issued to those who are invited to China for a visit, an investigation, a lecture, to do business, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, short-term advanced studies or internship for a period of no longer than six months. Thus there is no use if you wj202 a JW form and fill it by yourself.

Please do not use staple. Passport should have at least 2 blank visa pages.

China Student Visa (X1/X2)

X-student visa L-Tourist visa M-Business visa. Skip it, if you are not. L, H, F, TN. In order to apply for China X Visa, please prepare and send in your application according to the detail requirement explained below. The filled in and jw2002 forms are then issued by schools to their foreign students.


How to Get A Student Wj202 The Chinese managers then plotted with the lone hospital carrying out health examinations for visa purposes. Students who enter China with other kinds of visas should apply for the residence permit as soon as possible. Posted September 14, The JW’s and JW’s are printed by the Ministry of Education – there’ll be a fee, quite possibly inflated locally, plus if they run out they have to go and get new ones.

Although the requirement for Gorm visa largely remains the same across different Chinese Consulates, there are some special rules pertaining to each different Fkrm. The form must be submitted by the university to the local representative authorities of MOE and Chinese government for further approval.

What is JW201 and JW202 Form

The number shows the period that you can stay in China. In reality, people suffering from such diseases jw20 not get a Chinese visa and some were even deported from China.

These are only few examples.

Those students who have done the physical examination outside China must have the physical examination report verified at the International Travel Healthcare CenterShanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. In this city, there was only one hopistal authorized to carry out health examinations for visa purposes.

Change or correction is not allowed on the printed form. You may have to enter China on a tourist visa and convert it to a student visa upon frm. And we’re friendly about it too. Please refer to the link for China visa photo specific requirement. They suggested that he had to go back to his home country to get a new visa.


Visa application for new incoming exchange student

After the new regulations which take effect on September 1,students who plan to study in China for over 6 months will be issued an X-1 visa, and those for less than or equal to 6 months will be issued an X-2 visa. How do I receive the result? So it happened jw20, in one city?

Photo printed on regular paper or photo of poor quality is not acceptable. Please prepare the following documents: Other relevant application materials requested by visa officials may include: There are many other similar experiences that remain unknown to the general public and to foreigners in China and abroad.

There is a health examination that students should normally take in their home countries.

I wanted to advise people from the above-mentioned backgrounds not to accept to go to China on a tourist or business visa if they plan a long stay in this country.

X1 visa is only valid for 30 days after you enter mainland China.

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