The Gebser Society furthers the work of German poet and integral philosopher, Jean Gebser (). Jean Gebser () was a German poet, philosopher, and phenomenologist of consciousness. He is best known for his magisterial opus, The. tural historian and evolutionary philosopher Jean Gebser, largely in his own words. According to Gebser, human consciousness underwent a series of mutations.

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Unified knowledge gain has more depth and is capable of embracing span. It is a direct experience of “Presence. Where past and future are gathered. The participants include philosophers, communication scientists, linguists, sociologists, and political scientists.

Are we willing to settle into the comfort of our daily life or to take on the process of change? Gebser died in Wabern bei Bern on May 14, “with a soft and knowing smile. And do not call it fixity. It is difficult, it is dense, it is odd pages long, but I don’t want to miss a drop. Except for some old-timers, who had known Gebser personally, my presentation caused a stir among participants when I reported that Gebser had confided to me in a letter that he had had an enlightenment experience satori.

He foreshadowed the ecological-oriented worldview, as well as the jsan sciences of the 70’s. Arneson, PatJean Gebser’s Cosmology”. By studying the West, we are studying the impact Western society has over the rest of the world industrialization, scientific materialism, Hollywood, etc.

Gebser held that previous consciousness gebbser continue to operate parallel to the emergent structure. The human being was totally immersed in the world unable to extricate himself or herself from that world. An aspect of integral awareness is the presentiation, or “making present”, of the various structures of awareness.



Richard Tarnas and Ken Wilber, and then return to this. It was the eternal round. I suspect it will be outside of any one movement’s control. One of the central themes in Gebser’s work is how a human society relates to time.

Notice that it’s already dated in many ways. This satori experience surprised Gebser while he was visiting Sarnath inthe place where 2, years ago the Buddha preached his first sermon.

Jeean Gebser, the European philosopher, noticed this phenomenon in his own time. These categories were said to be wholly distinct one from the other. Perspectives on Philosophy of Communication.

As Europe emerged from its dark ages, it helped set the stage for the state of affairs today. The integral consciousness structure was made evident by a new relationship to space and time. Genser Present Origin is never far from gebssr reach This book did me a profound good. This page was last edited on 23 Julyat Gebser approvingly cited a remark by Paul Klee, one of the great pioneers of the aperspectival consciousness in art.

For centuries, time was viewed as having distinct categories of past, present and future. As I read it, an understanding emerged Although Gebser considers jeab modern “rational” consciousness to be a deficient form of the “mental” structure, it’s important to note that we can consider it to be a specific structure in its own right.

For better or grbser, the West is a major influence in the world, and studying its relationship to reality can help us understand the great strengths and critical weaknesses that may have lead us into a crisis like today’s. To Gebser, our fate is not assured by any notion of “an evolution toward”, or by any kind of ideal way of being.


Olen Gunnlaugson, Bruce Sanguin, and Thomas Hubl trialog on the nature of future and collective inquiry.

This is still true; his ideas challenge not only those of the establishment but also many of the new contenders. The disappearance of the pre-Einsteinian world-view. To end with a poem that touches all of this in a way gebsrr none of these words could do, here is an excerpt from T.

Jean Gebser

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Perhaps, then, we can see modern civilization as doing precisely this. To me, this sounds surprisingly like the mystical experience of “satori,” or how many Zen masters and Christian contemplatives describe the nature of gegser being a movement from and within the Godhead. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Here Gebser looked back into our human past, identifying and clarifying for us geebser similar fundamental mutations of consciousness.

It was published in various editions from toand translated into English as The Ever-Present Origin. It is not a new system of ideas that everyone can agree on.

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