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Our national and international politics become just the politics of a few lobbies, they do not represent Americans anymore. And of course not to forget history. People start to change their perceptions about the world and other people; typically these perceptions have a suspicious, anxious, paranoid quality. They construe and deliver this uniform vision to a public that grasps it immediately in the time left between two comedy shows or two computerized games. In an American-Indian proverb a boy asks iaonlide grandpa why some people are evil and some not.

He knew that the Communism will be overthrown, but he warned that intoarceera will follow will be even worse.

For instance Romanians are incriminated perpetually for deporting people to labor camps in Transnistria and yet no word about the persecution of Japanese people here in US during WWII and after.

Well, I am not saying, again, that Jews are at fault for this advancement of the mark. They bring also desperate acts of cultural rejection of the foreign invader that we call terrorism. There is a great confusion our soldiers have to face:.

Russian tanks did not cross Romania in their deadly procession to Czechoslovakia. Machines take over the functions of our society. The methods used here in our country against people who are undesirable are not different from those in former communist countries. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Romania fought under the WWII for her national territories and the Romanian authorities saved Jews from Holocaust, either by protecting them in the country or by helping them to escape to Palestine.

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Totalitarian control by The State will expand to a global scale. I believe that this mentality accentuates racial and ethnic segregations in society and makes Jewish communities everywhere and especially Israel target for hatred. God protects those who are subjects of these gruesome experiments without their knowledge.

Who are these guys to judge and condemn peoples and countries, to say that we need to move in a great holistic universal coffin just for them to be happy? Your email address will not be published. I see intoarferea happening right now hristps our hypnotized eyes.

Descarcati icoana la calitate inalta. They typically start with an agreement between the second echelon of figures of totalitarian power and more distant leaders who represent role-models of the new political —design. In the first two decades, probably the most ferocious ones, just to be fashionable they promoted people from Jewish communities in key positions. Totalitarian regimes and dictatorships use brainwashing techniques train citizens to perpetuate and sustain the ideology of the installed power by spreading-out confusion, fear and gross manipulation of persons and truth.

Fear for theorist attacks once upon a time former friends of democracy and liberatorsfear for diseases, fear for drugs, fear for extraterrestrial encounters, fear for thieves, fear for economic disaster, fear for weather change, fear for comets, hrisfos for allergen cosmic dust, fear for …well there is so much fear hristox the air, that even babies stink.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They imitate humans as much as they can. AnnaMaria marked it as to-read Aug 12, Peaceful nations like Romania face the blackmail of hosting nukes by the great defenders of cosmic peace like NATO, while the rest of the economy is being destroyed and more than 4 millions of Romanians have emigrated.

Alexiuc Florin Andrei rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Anyhow, in the end the victory belongs to Christ. Let it be sold! Shalom, More tranquility to the peace making warriors! People who intoarcegea them are mostly enchanted and hypnotized by their capabilities and most of the time they miss the errors they promote.

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

So they sacrifice themselves and go to this dangerous, obscure, undeveloped world their Media loves to picture. They got the promise and the host got the resources, so they have to actually convince everybody that those resources belong to them.


People make mistakes this is how learning occurs, the machine is basically a dead product that although will have more and intoqrcerea the appearance of an intelligent design it is destined to be destroyed. I believe that God bestows Christians and other people of His who are not in Christian flock yet, with the understanding and knowledge in Holly Spirit that is greater and more complete than any other knowledge.

The peace of the world is being taken away exactly by these means, among many others of course, and we believe that they are righteous and just or we simply chose to focus on other things and not take the bull by its horns and face the truth. In Basarabia and Bucovina they perpetrated savage acts against Romanian refugees, under the protection of Sovietic Bolsheviks. If these persuasive strategies fail, or even concomitantly with these strategies, the system deals with the individual by intimidation through violation of hrustos, and intimacy or even by murder exactly like I any authoritarian regime.

intoarcerea la hristos de ioan ianolide []

Now I will persevere a little bit more on the theme related to these bad guys that set the world on fire, because I have a tooth against them. This measure was intended to be strict utilitarian in those times of great trial, and aimed to protect the rest of peaceful Jewish population from the generalization of an ethnic conflict during those times of great tribulation for the nation. Not ultimately refuse to be enchanted by machines, avoid to become one mind with the beast and not accept ID papers with microchips.

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