May 23, System Storage DS Express models 70 and 72, packaged in compact, 3U enclosures with dual intelligent RAID controllers, include the. DS Express Storage Subsystem and supported storage expansion enclosure drive cabling schemes 77 iv IBM System Storage DS The IBM TotalStorage DS / DS Express is a midrange 4-Gbps storage system designed to grow with your business. The DS has (16) drive bays.

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This feature provides one 4 Gbps FC, For model 70, you can select either 2 feature4 feature8 feature16 featureor 64 feature plant-installed storage partitions. Fast, incredibly portable data storage — with one missing piece Fast, incredibly portable data storage — with one missing piece by Dong Ngo.

Family +01 IBM System Storage DS Express Models

Up to 64 partitions. Requires FlashCopy feature The remote storage controller reports the result of the write request operation to the local storage controller which reports it to the host.

All write requests fs4700 a host are written to the primary local Storage Subsystem and immediately reported as completed to the host system. The part numbers listed below are provide as a pricing tool. When selecting this feature the DS, Machine Typeobm be included on the same system order as the Rack.


This feature is mutually exclusive with features, These are the ones you should grab. The combination of System p5 and DS Express can help maximize your infrastructure investment.

This feature provides the license and support for Intel-based host servers running Novell’s NetWare attachment to the DS Each DS to be integrated into the DR Express must have this specify feature to ensure delivery to the plant merge location. The DS disk system must be at firmware level Metro Mirroring Metro Mirroring is a synchronous mirroring mode. The Interoperability Matrix is available at following Web site: Get best deals for coconut.

Maximum Number of Vs4700 per xx: This feature is mutually exclusive with features, Customer Setup: This feature provides the licensing and support for attaching up to three DS Storage Expansion Units.

Lenovo System Storage DS Model 70 – hard drive array Overview – CNET

If you need additional connectivity, you can order up to two shortwave 4 Gbps SFP transceiver features feature for connectivity to all host and drive ports. This feature is applicable to the DS Model 70 only. In DS Storage Manager, the logical drive from which you are basing the FlashCopy, called the base logical drive, must be a standard logical drive in the Storage Subsystem. The Enhanced Remote Mirroring option is used for online, real-time replication of data between Storage Subsystems over a remote distance.


DS Storage Manager V9. It allows you to connect a much higher number of host systems, either in stand-alone dw4700 clustered mode. This feature provides the means to obtain the unique activation key necessary to increase the number of storage partitions on the DS from sixty-four to one-hundred twenty-eight.

Number of Employees Upto 10 People. The application of this feature enables a specific number of hosts or independent host kbm that can utilize the DS Disk System Minimum Number of Features per x: TD Back to Top Step 5: This feature is only applicable to the DS Model The Enhanced Remote Mirror is designed to provide the ability to maintain synchronous or asynchronous copies of a logical drive on a remote DS Disk System to help support disaster recovery protection.

This feature is designed as a system management tool for tasks such ds47000 relocating data to other drives for hardware upgrades or performance management, data backup, and restoring snapshot logical drive data.

Make point-in-time copies of logical volumes for file restoration, backups, application testing or data mining.

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