About Carol Van Atta: As an Author, I could be considered genre-confused. Are you already wondering what in the world is this lady talking about?. Today I’m happy to be featuring Carol Van Atta and her book, I Kissed a Dog. She’s giving away 3 ecopies and 1 print copy of I Kissed a Dog. Read “I Kissed a Dog” by Carol Van Atta with Rakuten Kobo. Chloe Carpenter isn ‘t like other women. She can communicate with animals, a gift she inherited.

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Carol Atta is now following Tillie Cole ‘s reviews. Posted by Carol Van Atta at Dec 10, Tessa Dawn rated it it was amazing. With my assorted background I was all for interracial relationships. A hush fell over the rowdy room. Every little piece of information is there without every breaking the flow of the st Ok. Van Atta avoided the stereotype of grouping like species together.

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The Werewolves of the West Book Series

Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind: Even when it seems impossible. What is the best piece of writing advice you ever received? I felt the same way just reading it! He is not immune to secret keeping in this book, but I honestly felt he had good reasons for the keeping the secrets he did. This is one of those books where the romance happens fast though.


Here’s the link kiszed purchase or sample: I love your site, by the way. The Authors I will profile are ones I have read and continue to read. The purpose of this group is to check out each other’s blogs so that we can get more followers if your interested in the blog The review must be at least 50 characters long. And a fourth, and the last two Chloe knew.

Double the action, Double the pleasure No strange chapter numbers, horrible atat mistakes, you get the picture What to do next? Luckily, the story quickly moved away from the sham and my attention was redirected to more gratifying and adventurous hurdles and scrapes.

At times it was almost overwhelming trying to understand how all the other characters fit into the murders and betrayals. It also helps that her boss understands and appreciates this skill. I am just saying. I understand that Chloe is a cadol her or hate her kind of gal. The characters in this are brilliant.

I would recommend this book to lovers of genies, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, etc. There is some pretty descriptive drug use and violence, and definitely edgy sexual encounters, but it worked perfectly for this story, and it is after all dark fantasy.

Review forthcoming on http: We are much more refined and better mannered than any dog, any day. I love that she grows throughout the book and proves she’s a smart and strong heroine.

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I Kissed a Dog

She can communicate with animals. She can be a bit stubborn and snarky but you’d probably react the same way if you realized werewolves and vampires were lurking in your town killing people!

Chloe has her hands pretty full between the sexy, rugged and very protective werewolf Zane, and the seductive and allusive vampire Valamir. This book provided romance, action and paranormal spins, and has left me with a lot of intriguing thoughts about the stta book!


He resorts to trickery and mind games to get what he wants. I will definitely be continuing with this series. A little slow starting but once you get into it, it is very gripping with a nice little twist and a ‘Wow I never saw that coming! She has contributed to several popular inspirational anthologies and devotional books, and lives in the rainy wetland of Oregon with a terrifying teen another in college and a small zoo of animals.

Mini-(ARC) Review Monday: I Kissed a Dog by Carol Van Atta

The world creation was superb, though I want to spend more time in the genie dimension. He is also a werewolf that carkl working undercover to find out who is murdering young men in the area. Jazmine too is eager for Chloe’s blood.

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