HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. All rights reserved. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Know the functions and features of BTS Master. Address: Huawei Industrial Base Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen . of the double- transceiver BTS family.1 Position of the BTS in the GSM. Huawei BTSAE – VR Product Description – Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The Transport Performance Test dialog box is displayed. The Antenna Feeder Setup dialog box is displayed as shown in Figure The result is displayed in the right pane, as huawe in Figure Number of the uplink or downlink signal branch 0—2 With tower Indicates whether the TMA is configured Yes, No amplification Attenuation factor Power attenuation of the uplink signals.

Bts Huawei Bts 3012 Dfcb 900M GSM Module

The BTS supports the combination of two cabinets to form huaei group and the combination of three cabinet groups. The RC Opstart dialog box is displayed. Right-click a slot, and choose a board for example, TRU on the shortcut menu, as shown in Figure Click OK on the bgs dialog box.

Choose Reset on the shortcut menu. The Board Management dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Presentation Description No description available.

  LEI 13798 PDF

Huawei BTS and Spares for sale – 1COM | Ericsson | Huawei | Nokia

The loading progress is displayed. Hardware Warranty for days. Remember me on this computer. Forced software downloading does not affect services but software activation affects services. If the login succeeds, the User Login dialog box is automatically closed.

BTSAE Base Station Terminal Maintenance Operation Manual | christian contreras –

The Opstart dialog box is displayed, 30122 shown in Figure Only the DPMU supports this function. To start the Site Maintenance Terminal System, perform as the following steps: Only the DDPU supports this operation. Maintenance cycle within five working days. Fourth level reset Reset the BTS hardware.

Select a site, and then double-Select a site Board Parameter Management in the right pane.

Figure Rack configuration Click Configure. Customer Bill of lading date calculation. Contact us Add to quote.

Huawei BTS 3012

If the login fails, an error message is displayed. Send your message to this supplier. If the value is too high, the probability of invalid random access being detected is low, but normal accesses are difficult.

Click Cell, and then double-click Cell Performance Test in the right pane. The Bar Code Query dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure The whole cabinet packing with free fumigation wooden Box. The external reference clock is transmitted to the clock module in the DTMU through the Abis interface The clock module performs phase lock and frequency division on the clock signals to generate different clock signals for BTSs The clock signals are transmitted to the modules in the main cabinet such as the DTRU and the DDPU The clock signals are transmitted to the modules in the slave cabinets through the clock distribution cable Contents: BTS air timer Determines the timing length.


The Battery Operation dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Choose huaewi BT and the management state, and click OK. None level boundary calculates the interference value of a The six parameters channel based on the measurement report must be listed in an MR sent from the MS, and then ascending order.

That is, the RC cannot provide any service.

The DTRU combines two carriers into one channel. Obtain the site management right before modifying or changing the RC attributes or RC management state.

The View Resource dialog box is displayed. Figure Managing cell attributes Enter a value for each attribute. Obtain the site management right before setting BT attributes or BT management state.

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