The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Policy and Planning Work that involves a wide range of IT management activities that typically extend and apply to an entire organization or major components of an organization. This series also includes work in a combination of physical science fields, with no one predominant.

Office of Cws6914 Management 8 Series Name Action Computer Engineering Revises this series definition as a result of a recent occupational study. Work involves these types of duties: Series which are underlined are hyperlinked to the corresponding standard for convenience. The work characteristically requires knowledge of program objectives, policies, procedures, or pertinent regulatory requirements affecting the particular education or training activity.

The work includes one or more phases of fedclas management including initial planning, provisioning and requirements determination, acquisition and distribution, accountability, and ultimate issue for consumption, retention, or disposal. Security Work that involves ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems, networks, and data through the planning, analysis, development, fedclas, maintenance, and enhancement of information systems security programs, policies, procedures, and tools.

Supervisory positions involved in supervising work characteristic of fww6914 series are also included when typing ability is an essential part of the job. Employee Benefits Work that involves providing guidance and consultation to agencies, employees, former employees, annuitants, survivors, and eligible family members regarding retirement, insurance, health benefits, and injury compensation. The work often includes the inspection or monitoring of the conditions under which the product is processed, stored, or transported insofar as these factors affect product quality.

Flysheet Flysheets provide some information about a series and may suggest standards and guides to use for determining grade levels under the General Schedule or Federal Wage System, but include no grade level criteria. The work includes basic and applied research on water and water resources; the collection, measurement, analysis, and interpretation of information on water resources; the forecast of water supply and water flows; and the development of new, ffedclass or hthp economical methods, techniques, and instruments.

Positions in this series require a knowledge of the operating characteristics and daily maintenance of respiratory equipment and devices and practical knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. The work does not require full professional preparation in archival science, or the application of a full professional knowledge of the history of the United States. The work does not require full professional sww or equivalent professional-level preparation in the theories, principles, and concepts of the field.

Positions in this series typically involve research into specialized technical fields such fws69144 voting rights, public accommodations, or fww6914 employment requiring specialized knowledge of a subject-matter area in addition to a broad knowledge of civil rights. The duties of these positions are primarily of an office or a clerical nature and involve assigning vehicles, keeping records and reports, and providing route and destination information and instructions to the drivers, engineers, or pilots.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

Office of Personnel Management 63 Prosthetic Representative Series This series covers positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work concerned with rendering prosthetic and sensory aids services to disabled patients. The positions require a practical understanding of the objectives, policies, procedures, or regulatory requirements pertaining to the work and the ability to apply skills or knowledge of the occupation involved.


The work requires applying knowledge from a variety of such fields as: The work involves operating or monitoring diagnostic and therapeutic medical instruments and equipment associated with cardiac catheterization, pulmonary examinations and evaluations, heart bypass surgery, electrocardiography, electroencephalography, hemodialysis, and ultrasonography.

The work requires the acquisition of information on a variety of subjects in the course of completing assignments. The work requires a knowledge of real estate laws, principles, practices, and markets.

The work requires the application of particular regulatory and procedural knowledge that is based on those laws.

Office of Personnel Management 76 Hearings and Appeals Series This series covers positions that involve the adjudication of cases that typically include the conduct of formal or informal hearings that accord appropriate due process, arising under statute or under the regulations of a Federal agency when the hearings are not subject to the Administrative Procedure Act; or involve the conduct of appellate reviews of prior decisions.

The work does not require the application of professional knowledge of statistics or other disciplines. The work does not require the broad knowledge of Federal HR systems or the depth of knowledge about HR concepts, principles, and techniques that are characteristic of the recognized HR specialist positions in the Human Resources Management Series, The duties of positions in this series require the application of: Applications Software Work that involves the design, documentation, development, modification, testing, installation, implementation, and support of new or existing applications software.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Investigators use the results of general investigations to make or invoke administrative judgments, sanctions, or penalties. Planners identify community needs, resources, and problems and assist citizens to make decisions on goals, policies, priorities, plans, programs, and methods of implementation designed to create a physical, economic, and social environment in which the human activities desired by the members of the community may flourish.

Work within this series does not require full professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in cartography or a related science. It also requires a general knowledge of economics, statistics, law, business management and related subject-matter areas, but does not require full training and professional competence in any of those fields. Positions in this group require writing, editing, and language ability; artistic skill and ability; knowledge of foreign languages; the ability to evaluate and interpret informational and cultural materials; or the practical application of technical or esthetic principles combined with manual skill and dexterity; or related clerical skills.

They do not require full professional competence equivalent to that represented by completion of a full 4-year accredited college curriculum leading to a bachelor’s degree in engineering or one of the physical sciences.

Positions are classifiable to this series when the nature of duties and responsibilities is such that ordination by a recognized ecclesiastical body is a basic requirement.

This work requires the application of a practical or technical knowledge of archival methods, procedures, and techniques, and in some assignments a knowledge of the administrative history of specific Federal organizations, past or present.

Office of Personnel Management 97 Document Analysis Series This series covers all classes of positions the duties of which are to direct, administer, supervise, advise on, or perform technical work in examining and identifying questioned documents. The work requires the development, analysis, and selection of appropriate information and presentation of the information in a form and at a level suitable for the intended audience. Duties may range from work which involves group leadership and giving practical guidance on day-to-day activities to residents in a Government facility to work that involves training or employment opportunities.


Previous editions of this document referred to these occupations as General Schedule System Occupations. These positions do not require the broad knowledge of equal opportunity and civil rights principles, or the depth of skill in analysis, interpretation, and decision-making characteristic of the Equal Opportunity Compliance Series,Equal Employment Opportunity Series,and Civil Rights Analysis Series, The work requires a knowledge of prescribed procedures, established techniques, directly applicable guidelines, and pertinent characteristics of regulated items or activities.

Positions are concerned with providing leadership, advice, staff assistance, and consultation on health education programs. This series definition applies to the XX99 student trainee series for each Occupational Group. To be included in this series, a position must be the principal office clerical or administrative support position in the office, operating independently of any other such position in the office. The work includes determining the size and shape of the earth and its gravitational field, measuring the intensity and direction of the force of gravity, and determining the horizontal and vertical positions of points on the earth and in space, where consideration of the curvature of the earth is required.

Information Systems Work that primarily involves entering and extracting data from HR information systems. Positions in this series require a practical knowledge of the techniques of anatomical laboratory practice in one or both of the areas of laboratory work i. This series is not intended for use for interdisciplinary professional positions and the paramount qualification needed to perform the work that are readily identifiable with existing series.

Specifically included are topographic, hydrographic, geodetic, land, control, and construction surveying. This work requires a professional knowledge of archival principles and techniques, professional knowledge of history, and a thorough understanding of the needs, methods and techniques of scholarly research. This work involves such functions as obtaining selected background information through interviews and home visits, establishing eligibility to make use of agency resources, helping individuals identify needs that are related to services the agency can provide, explaining and encouraging the use of agency and community resources as means of dealing with identified problems, and making appropriate referrals to sources of additional help.

Medical records administration personnel develop medical records policies and procedures and provide advice on the use of medical records. Procurement clerks and technicians prepare, control, and review procurement documents and reports; verify or abstract information contained in documents and reports; contact vendors to get status of orders and expedite delivery; maintain various procurement files; resolve a variety of shipment, payment, or other discrepancies; or perform other similar work in support of procurement programs and operations.

Positions in this occupation require application of:

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