Human Resource Development (HRM). Handouts | Lectures | Contents | Books. Handouts / Power Point Slides. Lessons () (pdf Format). HRM – Human Resource Development (Lecture 1 – 45) Handouts See the attached file Pls. HRM – Human Resource Development handouts. Read Online and download VU handouts at NVAEduation free.

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Now lets compare and analyse the sub-indices and the GGI for each of the province. MCM — Communication Skills. Recreation and refreshment are very important for the employees for any institution so that the employees of the organization can pay their fees, which van be the main entrepreneur of the organization.

The popularity of Facebook is Take subject and topic of your own choice. O level student scores record 23 As – World Record There are seven essential components to an academic syllabus: According to a survey conducted by an Hdm627, 80 per cent of working women in Pakistan at one time or another have faced this ordeal.

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At the end of the course, you would be able to: Empowerment of women seems to be a red alert to men’s leadership in Pakistan. After getting the students comment on it, will know how much they understand and will give expression like wow nice good etc.

The HR Head asks you to forward the scenario in written from. MCM — Introduction to Broadcasting. Their failure to comply with the legislation entails punitive action and financial penalties. File has been added below in.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Definitions Gender – “A term used where it is considered appropriate to emphasis the psychological characteristics associated with males and females. Unfortunately, that process was severely disrupted due to the extremist ideology of Zia that resulted in promulgation of a number of discriminatory laws against women. PTCL signs agreement with N The president speaking on the occasion rightly summed up the vision of the PPP government about the status of women in Pakistan in these words: The victims of sexual harassment can also seek redress of their complaints from the Handoute for Women, if they are not satisfied with the internal proceedings of the concerned organisation.

Video lectures can be downloaded for free from Online VU Lectures. hhandouts

MCM — Development Communication. The laic of recreation and refreshing facilities is a great deal of stress for employees. The advantages hzndouts disadvantages of using Facebook.

Rules for Marking Please note that your assignment will not be graded or graded as Zero 0 if: Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the assignment solution. Past Papers by Other Students Download. hrj627

Human Resource Development – HRM Handouts

Which also a great deal with organization. A syllabus may be set out by an exam board or prepared by the handout who supervises or controls course quality.


MTH — Numerical Analysis. This new legislative measure provides an excellent mechanism to deal with the issue.

Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) Assignment Discussion and Solution

Coming on the heels of the announcement by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for the setting up of the office of Ombudsman for Women and an amendment in Section A of the Pakistan Penal Code that defines sexual harassment, the new legislation lays a solid foundation for ensuring a harassment-free working environment for women.

This Assignment can be best attempted from the knowledge acquired after watching video lecture 1 to lecture 10 and reading handouts as well as recommended text book. For instance, one of the 19th century founders of the discipline of sociology, observed that more is taught and learned in schools than specified in the established curriculum of textbooks and teacher manuals. The four pillars of the index are: Data Label is the label that we use to define data as we defined memory locations num With the growing number hm627 women joining or aspiring to join the workforce in different spheres of national life, the problem of harassment of women in the workplace had also assumed alarming hxndouts.

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