Buy Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation 2nd Revised edition by Eyal Weizman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Architect Eyal Weizman’s study of the built environment that sustains the Hollow Land examines several key moments in the transformation of the built. Acclaimed exploration of the political space created by Israel’s colonial occupation This new edition of the classic work on the politics of.

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Been reading this book on and off for some 3 years or so you know, that kind of A Thousand Plateaus kind of thing and it was only in the wake of recent events that I decided to read it start-to-end. But Weizman suggests that such theorists did hhollow really introduce or even inspire these military innovations, which were already well underway, but rather that they provided strategist with a conceptual language and authority to argue against those with more traditional views of warfare.

Nov 26, Liz marked it as to-read Shelves: His discussion of these structures is chronological, corresponding to different periods of occupation. Oct 06, Intiya rated it really liked it. A relentlessly fascinating look at how the Isreali military, Isreali settlers, and other actors have used space to weiz,an, control, and structure Palestine over the last 50 years.

While not written as a history, this gives you an incredible depth and breadth of view into the situation. Feb 05, Basma Abdallah Uraiqat rated it it weuzman amazing.

Hollow Land

All military occupations are spatial operations and strategies. It is masterfully don This book is an investigation of the transformation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories since Interweb Motley 11 Territorial Masquerades. Jun 30, Sertac Sen rated it it was amazing. The State certainly has a level of power, but such boundaries are elastic because contested thus the actions of multiple actors comes into play: Gorgeously written, incisive, creative.


It all came to pieces in the end but wow. The comparisons to Said are justified. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Palestinian – Israeli conflict and in finding a new dimension to understanding and analyzing struggle. Being a refugee is terrible enough, but for armed men to come blasting through your wall without warning? The book demonstrates the materiality of domination and resistance–built into, below, and above the geography.

Simply in light of my own work I thought that the introduction was one of the most compelling parts of the book.

Open Preview See a Problem? According to testimony from Machsom Watch, the tight turnstiles ended up causing more harm and chaos. It would appear that when a space becomes densely settled, urbanized, or coveted, it can’t help but go vertical.

More or perhaps not so weuzman Palestinians were crowded, cultured and priced out of desirable spaces: Refresh and try again.

Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation by Eyal Weizman

The government offers the inevitable reroutings of the wall weizan claim its temporariness—Weizman again employs the concept of elasticity. Since he is a global professor at Princeton University. He answered, ‘Derrida may be a little too opaque for our crowd.

Jan 05, Sofie Tyger rated it really liked hollpw. I don’t have time to finish this right now, but I wanted to say that it is indeed very good. Wsizman 28, Leon Sandler rated it it was amazing. They were legal as long as they played into security logics and were on paper at least temporary. Sep 28, Rory Hyde rated it it was amazing. Eyal Weizman introduces us to a new vocabulary to think about governance, politics, war and the durable impact of political projects on landscapes and human lives.

An incredibly important and well-researched investigation of Israeli architecture and urban planning. Would’ve been an even better read if I was into architecture. As the French theorist Henri Lefebvre famously remaked, ‘there is a politics of space, because space is political’. Weizman is gifted in both his way of handling the data, the theory and the narrative. That is pretty much the best you can get out of an urban planning book. I confess I did not know a great deal about the details of Israel’s occupation.


It would appear that when a space becomes densely settled, urbanized, or coveted, i A relentlessly fascinating look at how the Isreali military, Isreali settlers, and other actors have used space to occupy, control, and structure Palestine over the last 50 years. Israel’s Architecture of Occupation by Eyal Weizman.

To relate it to less risks mocking the desperate violence and injustice of the occupation of Palestinian lands. Apr 19, Andrew rated it it was amazing.

Hollow Land and the Politics of ‘Archupation’ | Territorial Masquerades

In he set up the research agency Forensic Architecture FA. Jul 03, gonads rated it it was amazing. There is the banality of architecture and building construction with brutal consequences: This is an intellectual masterpiece.

All this in a manner and writing style that is simple, clear, and to the point without over complicating issues or understating others. The Israeli government strategies are composed by a complex mix of chaos and order, the legible and illegible, the legal and illegal. Dec 15, Louis rated it it was amazing Shelves: My only small critique is that while Weizman emphasizes the multiplicity of actors responsible for the creation of space in the occupied territories, the role of Palestinian struggle only really emerges in the last chapter on Evacuations.

Jan 01, Kirstern Schallfenberg added it. That it came bundled in lane chapter explaining the new Israeli practice of blasting their way through the walls of civilian homes to move around the refugee camps made it more sinister. Informative, well written, substantiated, and with concrete proposals.

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