Frederick Beiser’s Hegel ushers in a new series, ‘Routledge Philosophers.’ The list of contributing authors is a distinguished one, yet nobody. Hegel () is one of the major philosophers of the nineteenth century. introduction, Frederick Beiser covers every major aspect of Hegel’s thought. Frederick Beiser, Hegel, New York, Routledge, , ISBN: Fluently and lucidly written, Frederick Beiser’s Hegel offers students an introductory.

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Hubert rated it really liked it Nov 26, In situating Hegel so well in his intellectual context, an approach which is of course fitting considering the importance of wider culture and beieer to Hegel’s thought, he helps the reader have some sympathy with the ideas.

Return to Book Page. From his first book — The Fate beisser Reason — on the context of Kantian critique, Beiser established a reputation which was only strengthened by a string of publications on Idealist and Romantic “constellations” of thought.

Frederick C. Beiser – Wikipedia

A Philosophical Introduction to the Phenomenology of Beiser does this better than most by showing how interlinked these two concerns were in the mind of a young Hegel first turning to philosophy. Moreover, it will become manifest that the other is not so much an absolute other than something whose otherness results only from limits of the context, or what Hegel calls abstraction.

While broadly justified, this is to overlook Fichte’s role in supplying the very term “recognition” Anerkennung that figures as key to the narrative the “dialectic of experience” Hegel proceeds to tell. Beiser says that he wants to provide not so much exegesis as a comprehensive overview aimed primarily at the first-time reader. One should add that Beiser has the grace also to admit that Hegel’s grand synthesis is often clearer in its aims than in its achieved result. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Other books in the series. Jan 18, Hadad heydari rated it it was amazing. In this magisterial and Hegel is one of the major philosophers of the nineteenth century. Beiser has also written on the German Romantics and 19th century British philosophy. Oct 12, Mike rated it really liked it.


Frederick C. Beiser

The result is a more concretely developed concept of the infinite, and philosophy is precisely this endless development. However, the presentation was very clear and made a lot of sense. Lists with This Book. The book also seems quite comprehensive, even including a chapter on Hegel’s aesthetics. The dynamicity and openness of Hegel’s thought consists precisely in this failing process as a process. A very short introduction by Peter Singer to familiarization other demensions of Hegel’s philosophy.

Beiser bluntly dispels the myth of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, but it seems to hold implicitly for each chapter. He places Hegel in the historical context of nineteenth-century Germany whilst clarifying the deep insights and originality of Hegel’s philosophy.

And other chapters are just as penetrating; on ‘spirit,’ say, or on Hegel’s philosophy of religion, where Beiser manages to give a clear and balanced account of Beisser critique of salvational myth consistent with his ‘immanent’ conception of God and his qualified endorsement of Lutheranism in the Berlin context.

Speculative reason, however, has the patience to let the inchoate concept “go astray” in its various determination, as well as the tolerance to again incorporate all bdiser determinations, albeit flawed in their own ways, back into itself. And he is quite wrong to speak of the “liberation” of the slave, who quite fails to recognize himself in the products of his labor otherwise the ensuing dialectic would be much shorter! Published June 15th by Routledge first published April 19th Christian Giliberto rated it really liked it Mar 02, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

That gives a fair impression of the author’s briskly reconciling attitude. Jul 01, tom bomp rated it really liked it Shelves: It is of a piece with the other chief strategy Beiser champions, that is, a resolutely metaphysical take on Hegel. He then argues that metaphysics is everywhere relevant in Hegel’s system, for otherwise some of his claims on ethics or aesthetics would become incomprehensible.


Refresh and try again. Naturphilosophie beisee, both in their centrality to any historical understanding of German Idealism, as well as their continued relevance to contemporary philosophy.

Overall the contextual or ‘hermeneutic’ approach constitutes in fact the book’s greatest virtue. He returned to the United States in to take up a professorship at Indiana University Bloomingtonwhere he remained until At the same time, I felt he introduced hevel readings of specific theoretical questions doing a good job presenting the conflicting viewpoints and defending his interpretation with interesting arguments as well textual references.

Within limited space, Beiser managed to cover several pivotal points for any substantial understanding of Hegel. I didn’t find myself lost at any point, even when I couldn’t wrap my head around a few of the most difficult ideas. Luke Brennan rated it really liked it Jun 04, heegel Beiser tends to psychologize the battle, to speak about “respect” for another’s “desires” or for its “status” hegwl a human being.

Archived from the original on Hegel was much beisser interested in the “symbolical” world-view prior to the classical Ideal and in the “romantic” world-view devolving heel it, and even with the Ideal he dwells on its internal contradictions.

Hegel is one of the major philosophers of the nineteenth century. Want to Read saving…. Jan 13, Andrew rated it it was amazing. As one might expect, Beiser is particularly good on contextual issues; it is how he made his reputation after all. Jun 10, Raully rated it really liked it Shelves: Beside, I think it’s could be a good idea for students that also read the Hegel:

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