Hazrat Talha bin Ubaidullah followed Hazrat Uthman’s tracks by embracing Islam . He went on a journey for the purpose of trade. While he was at the Busra fair. Hz. Talha bin Ubaydullah, who was praised and complemented by Allah and His When Hazrat Abu Bakr sprinkled some water on his face, Hazrat Talha came. By Kamran Shahid Ansari / 20 Mar Talha Ibn Obaidullah (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the early reverts to Islam and among the ten blessed.

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When the numerous dead from the battle were brought together, ‘Ali led the funeral prayer for them all, those who supported him and those who fought him. Log in Create new account Random Question. Whenever any Muslim brought something in charity to the Prophet, he would send it all to us.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Talhah distinguished himself at the Battle of Uhud by keeping close to Muhammad while most of the Muslim army fled.

Abu Bakr cursed me, but as soon as he had uttered the offending word. The Prophet prayed for him: The shared experience no doubt drew Talhah and Abu Bakr closer together! His geniality was felt more at home. As they rushed behind him, they rained down blows on his head.

One day I said to myself: Talha told the Prophet about his dream. Talhah was born c.

Talha bin Ubaydullah (r.a.) | Questions on Islam

He protected Muhammad’s face from an arrow by taking the shot in his own hand, as a result of which two of his fingers were paralysed. The Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallamexplained Islam to Talhah and recited some portions of the Qur’an to him. On ubaidul,ah return to Madina he became upset with the opportunity he missed to fight alongside the Messenger of Allah.


Talha’s body was wounded in several places but he did not ubaidulah the Prophet. In the third week of JulyMedina faced an imminent invasion by the apostate forces of Tulayhaa self-proclaimed prophet. Perhaps I have done something to hurt you? Ten companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Both of them were waiting to enter Paradise. Paying allegiance to Hz. Talha did not join the Battle of Badr because the Prophet had sent him with Said bin Zayd to obtain information about the caravan of the polytheists headed by Abu Sufyan.

Talha bin Ubaydullah (r.a.)

Talha placed the Prophet on his shoulders and carried him to a high place. Talhah told the man that he had just sold a piece of land to ‘Uthman ibn Affan for several thousand dirhams. When you get up in the morning share it out among them. This is an arrow sent by God. From then I became concerned with the dunya, with material things.

The forces clamouring for vengeance for Uthman and those supporting Alee met at a place called Kuraybah, near Basrah.

You have your share of sustenance in it which God has guaranteed and which must come to you. Views Read Edit View history.

I would hear him reciting the opening chapter of the Quran and he would continue reciting sometimes for a third or a half of the night. Hazrar also told Talhah, so the story goes, that the Prophet ubaiidullah leave the sacred precincts of Makkah and migrate to a land of black soil, water and palm tapha. Talha was a very hospitable person. By God, the Prophet knows better than you what is good for you in this world and the hhazrat and he also knows better than you what you possess.


Then he looked tenderly and sorrowfully on the graves of his brothers in faith and said, “I have tahla with these two ears of mine the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peacesaying, ‘Talhah and az- Zubayr are my companions in Paradise!

They were pleased with what I gave them in spite of its being little Go and suggest this to him. Please consider a small donation tax-deductible in the USA to help us improve Alim. Pakistan rejects downgrading by US in religious freedom.

Great scholar of Hadith. Home Principles of Belief. He is a distinguished Companion that devoted his life to Allah and His Messenger. He and Sa’id ibn Zayd had been sent outside Madinah on a mission by the Prophet and when they returned, the Prophet and his Companions were already on the way back from Badr. By God, the messenger of God’s Messenger shall only return with his mission fulfilled.

Talha said, “O Messenger of Allah! Retrieved from ” https: For instance, when the issue jazrat the distribution of the land that was conquered to the mujahids was being negotiated, Hz. Umar was fitting for the caliphate as follows: Ali felt very sorry when he was killed.

You are very munificent and generous. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Talha narrates an incident that makes him very happy as hazrah And if someone gave him a gift he would take some of it and leave the rest for us.

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