The Gesta Hungarorum of the Anonymous Notary of King Béla is the oldest extant The author of the Gesta, known historically as the Anonymus (always thus). The Romanians in the Anonymous Gesta Hungarorum. Truth and Fiction, Centrul de Studii Transilvane (Bibliotheca Rerum Transsilvaniae, XXXIV) Cluj-Napoca. Written between , the Gesta Hungarorum is an ingenious and imaginative historical fiction of prehistory, medieval history and contemporary social.

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These sources do not speak about Romani or Pannoni the name that we expect to be used for the inhabitants, by analogy with Galli, Rhaeti, Itali etc.

The regions described in GH the manner of writing and the treatment of sources in GH requires a very critical approach. Et data eis legatione diuersis eos muneribus ditauit, et capta beniuolentia eorum, repatriare precepit.

Et dum beatus rex stephanus uerba uite predicaret et hungaros baptizaret, tunc thonuzoba in fide uanus noluit esse christianus. The researches started in established four fortification phas- es. It is very important that the geta well-informed work of Constantine Por- phyrogenitus does not mention anything about Transylvania.

The phase I b is dated between gsta the fourth decade of the 10th century. Legati uero hoc audientes, accepta licentia tristi uultu ad ducem salanus properauerunt.

File:Gesta hungarorum map.jpg

For this reason it can be supposed that some of the refugees were Romanians. For Petrus, the prepositus of Esztergom, J. Tunc prenominati duces cumanorum scilicet, Ed, Edumen, Etu, Bunger, pater Borsu, Ousad pater Vrsuuru, Boyta, a quo genus Brucsa descendit, Ketel, pater Oluptulma, cumuidissent pietatem almi ducis, quam fecit circa ruthenos, pedibus eius prouolutj se sua sponte duci almo subiugauerunt dicentes.


Until the middle of the 13th century, only the forms Blacus and Blachus were used in documents. This means examining the hnugarorum of the source and comparing the information recorded by the Anonymous Notary with other written sources and with the archaeological evidence.

Archaeological research indicates that a people who cremated their dead inhabited the regions of the Transylvanian salt mines from the seventh to the ninth centuries. De la Sortie de Zeremsu.

Qua a die illo loca que calauerunt almus dux et filius suus arpad, cum suis nobilibus usque ad presens, posteritates eorum habuerunt et habent. Quibus dux per diuersa loca hungarorum condonauit terras, et insuper castrum quod dicitur pest, in perpetuum concessit. The worship of St.

File:Gesta Hungarorum Anonymous.jpg

It was published inbut it was not remarked by the researchers who studied GH. Et laudabant eis terram pannonie ultra modum gsta bonam. Behind the wall was a watch way paved gestx stones. Missi uero eorum ducem arpad in silua turobag arpalice ambulantem inuenerunt, et eum cum diuersis ex parte usubuu et eusee salutauerunt, et filios incolarum in obsides positos duci presentauerunt.

In such circumstances, we do not agree that the presence of the Blaci and Cumani in c.

The form Blazi Blasi used by him could also be encountered in GH, c. Galad, a monastery attested since in the Serbian Banat, near Kikinda and the place called Pusta-Galad ; 2. For the history of Moravia, GH gives other details not present in the work of Simon of Keza, but which stirred a long debate.

IV was built in phase 2, which would mean that the dwellings were not con- temporary with phase 1. Et in eodem loco castrum construxit, terram quod nunc in presenti Hymusuduor nuncupatur.


On the other hand, the absence of Arabian coins in the graves from Transylvania is another argument for a later date of the Old Hungarian cemeteries, afterwhen the pieces brought by Hungarians from Atelkuz ceased to be put in the graves the last participants in the conquest died around that year. Hoc audientes milites almi ducis, multum sunt confortati.

Gesta Hungarorum | CEUPress

Yet, some historians accepted it. Ergo nolite turbari de multitudine ruthenorum et cumanorum, hungarorumm assimilantur nostris canibus. Missi uero arpad ducis oundu pater ethe et ketel pater oluptulma, et turzol miles cumanus cuius genealogia defecit in semetipso, uenientes fluuium budrug transnatauerunt in illo loco ubi paruus fluuius manans a saturholmu descendit in budrug.

According to GH, the duchy was hugnarorum by Romanians and Slavs. The Pannonian Romance population was ignored even by the 9th and 10th century Frankish and German annals that recorded data about Pannonia.

Dux uero et sui yobagyones obuiam eis processerunt, et filiam menumorout, sicut decet sponsam tanti ducis, honorifice ad ducalem domum duxerunt. In the same Bjelo Brdo I period is dated the necklace and the bracelet found hungarourm the burned soil collapsed from wall no.

In this case, phase 2 would represent a considerable extension of the fortress area. Quod et sic factum est.

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