Georgius Gemistos (also Plethon or Pletho; in Greek: Γεώργιος Πλήθων Γεμιστός) (c. – ), a Greek Neoplatonist philosopher, was one. ABSTRACT: In this paper I examine George Gemistos Plethon’s defense in his De Differentiis of Plato’s conception of God as superior to that of Aristotle’s. Born in Constantinople about , died in the Peloponnesus, Out of veneration for Plato he changed his name from Gemistos to Plethon. Although he .

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He cites as his evidence for this Metaphysics a Thames and Hudson,for additional information. Marsilio Ficinothe Florentine humanist and the first director of the Accademia Platonica, paid Plethon the ultimate honour, calling him ‘the second Plato’, while Cardinal Bessarion speculated as to whether Plato’s soul occupied his body. The autograph is in Venice and designated Marc.

His position is, at least, not prima facie illogical. Contact our editors with your feedback. Plethon treats of God in the first three substantive paragraphs of De Differentiis.

George Gemistos Plethon: the last of the Hellenes

Hackforth],” and Timaeus 36d-e, “When the whole fabric of the soul had been finished to its maker’s mind, he next began to fashion within the soul all that is bodily, and brought the two together, fitting them center to center. The Tartareans are different from the Olympian gods.

Many of his other works still exist in manuscript form in various European libraries. On the one hand, they grasp hold of themselves immediately, on the other, they through themselves grasp those inferior, and all are entirely set right according to the laws of Zeus. Zeus’ other children include an array of “supercelestial” gods, the Olympians and Tartareans, all motherless. As Plethon claims, ” Paris,4: We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.


The issue was not its eternality, but, rather, its generation. Basle, ; reprint, Turin: Plethon’s defense of orthodoxy was, in fact, a defense of his heterodoxy. Plethon may also have been the source for Ficino’s Orphic system of natural magic. Francis, where an inscription, curiously enough, styles him “Themistius Byzantinus”. Meanwhile Mehmet captured Mistras, the capitol of Morea and Theodora escaped to Constantinople with Demetrios and the manuscript.

However, a large number of Plethon’s autograph manuscripts ended up in the hands of his former student Cardinal Bessarion.

The army must be composed only of professional native Greek soldiers, who would be supported by the taxpayers, or ” Helots ” who would be exempt from military service. The distinction between Platonism and Neoplatonism had not yet been made by historians of philosophy.

Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis. In Mistra he taught and wrote philosophy, astronomy, history and geography, and compiled digests of many classical writers. The study of Strabo greatly affected the Renaissance concept of the configuration of the Earth; Christopher Columbus cited Strabo among his principal authorities.

Insome of his Italian disciples, headed by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatestastole his remains from Mistra and interred them in the Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini”so that the great Teacher may be among free men”.

Georgius Gemistus Plethon

Plethon continues his complaint by noting ” Views Read Edit View history. The term is alternatively applied to a variety of Western beliefs, methods, and philosophies that place central emphasis on….

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Since Zeus, alone in the singularity of his highest divinity, rules apart over the universe. Turkey is situated at the crossroads of the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and eastern…. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

This work was the first shot to be fired in an academic battle that continued in Byzantium with George Scholarios’s Defence of Aristotle 6 and Plethon’s subsequent Reply.


George Gemistus Plethon

He may have been quoting from memory due to the limited availability of Greek codices at this time in Florence. He believed that labourers should keep a third of their produce, and that soldiers should be professional.

Few of Plato’s writings were studied in the Latin West at that time, [15] and he essentially reintroduced much of Plato to the Western world, shaking the domination which Aristotle had come to exercise over Western European thought in the high and later middle ages.

Among his disciples was the learned Cardinal Bessarion. George Gemistus PlethonPlethon also spelled Plethoborn c. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The Olympians are the creators and rulers of the immortals in the heavens, but the Tartareans rule the mortals here; so that Kronos of the Tartareans, himself the leader of the Titans, rules over the mortal form altogether.

Turkey, country that occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Scholarios approved of Oises’s handling of the case.

Gemistos Plethon – New World Encyclopedia

Most of Plethon’s works can be found in J. I myself heard him at Florence Plethon then went on to demonstrate that Aristotle did not consider God creator of the universe, but saw God as part of the universe.

Most importantly, Plethon served as lay theologian with the Byzantine delegation to the —45 general Council of Ferrara—Florencewhich had been convened to reunite the Latin and Greek churches confronted by the rapid encroachment of the Ottoman Turks upon Constantinople.

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