General information. also found as, 藤沢秀行. Fujisawa Hideyuki Fujisawa Shu- ko- Fujisawa Shuko Shuko, Progression. chinese, Teng2-ze2 Xiu4-xing2 (tengze, . The following kifu and most of the comments included are from the Fujisawa Complete Works, volume 3. For advice on how to study professional games, read . Check go games played by professional player Fujisawa Shuko on Waltheri’s go pattern search database.

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Refresh and try again. Derek McGuire added it Jan 07, Books by Fujisawa Shuko.

After that, my sleeping rhythm has become somewhat more regular. Fujisawa had a reputation for winning the first edition of many titles: Fujisawa Hideyuki last edited by SmartGo Books ebook Reader apps: Guo JuanFujisawa-Sensei went to China every year to teach, bringing his students, beginning in the early s. Ibrahim Mpiana added it Jul 08, These days, I prefer playing through games with the aid of a computer or ipad.

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American Go E-Journal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Over the years he became known as “Shuko”, an alternative reading of the characters for his given name.

China won most 9 out of 13 of China-Japan Supermatchesand many of its winners were Fujisawa’s students. Besides Go, he was known to gamble and was a successful real estate dealer. June 14, YokohamaJapan. Select a forum Life In 19x It looked like Fujisawa would hold the Kisei for the seventh year in a row, but Cho fought sguko and won the last four games, as Fujisawa made a blunder in a winning position in the seventh game.


Retrieved from ” https: I was also extremely thrilled to find a traditional Japanese room with all manner of things Fujisawa Shuko inside: In Junethe dispute was resolved and Fujisawa was reinstated to the Ki-in. Some of you may have noticed that I also have a Twitter account.

Perhaps the crowning achievement of his go career was winning the Kisei title on its inception inat the relatively advanced age of 51, and holding it for 6 straight years from to Fujisawa won the first fujisawq games, controlling each and every move Cho made. Will this book make you stronger?

The Japanese year starts on April 1, and so the ceremony is fittingly held towards the very end of dujisawa year. Yes, Japanese go salon — not Chinese. In October ofhe decided to retire from the Go world at the age of cujisawa In October ofhe decided to retire from the go world at the age of The understanding part however is not quite so simple, and can often require a lot of thought work.

He went on to hold the title for two years at the ages of 66 to 67, making him the record holder for the oldest player to defend a big title a record that still stands to this day.

Go Spotting: Fujisawa Shuko Documentary « American Go E-Journal

Shuko was quite a character, and he contributed a lot to the go world, especially after his retirement. I realised that many of the shapes and ploys as Fujisawa likes to say in use today were pioneered by Fujisawa in the 80s. He held the Oza for three consecutive years fujisaa to Thomas Rickard added it Mar 21, For advice on how to study professional games, read this essay.


Liviu is currently reading it Mar 08, It was intended to be the first of a series of books on Kisei title holders if there was enough interest. His success would continue through the early s, winning the 40th Oza at the age of I bought this book inbefore becoming a GoBooks author, coder, and app tester.

It was a pleasure to learn about his domination of the Kisei title, an achievement made even more remarkable by his lifestyle at the time.

But in it was finally wrestled away by the top young player, Cho Chikun. Return to Book Page.

Fujisawa, a student of Fukuda Masayoshibegan studying at the Nihon Fujiisawa in and turned pro in This series exemplified his famous direction of play and fuseki skills and at the same time his infamous habit of mid to late-game blunders [ 1 ].

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