He originated the concept of Lebensraum, or “living space,” which relates human groups to the spatial units where they develop. Though Ratzel pointed out the. in the work of Friedrich Ratzel and his formulation of the concept of Lebensraum. The paper argues that the Ratzelian Lebensraum must be viewed as a concept. The concept of Lebensraum—or “living space”—served as a critical component in Renowned German geographer Friedrich Ratzel coined the term in

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The German invasion of Russia in was the first step of Hitler’s attempt to acquire more land for the German people to populate. One basic principle must be the absolute rule for the SS men: Byit was becoming apparent that the Bolshevik regime in Russia was there to stay. When you, my friends, are fighting in the East, you keep that same fight against the same subhumans, against the same inferior races that once appeared under the name of Huns, and later—1, years ago during the time of King Henry and Otto I—the name of rarzel Hungarians, and later under the name of Tatars, and then they came again under the name of Genghis Khan and the Mongols.

Hitler and ‘Lebensraum’ in the East

And so, we National Socialists consciously draw a line beneath the foreign policy tendency of our pre—War period. Since the end of the Second World War —45the term Lebensraum has used in relation to different countries throughout the world, lebemsraum China [] []Egypt [] []Israel [] [] [] [] []Poland [] and the United States [].

Rather it is based on three systematic treatises, each devoted to a major aspect of human geography. For that matter, plans for acquiring new territory were much aired in Germany during the First World War. Today, they are called Russian under the political banner of Bolshevism.

A permanent war on the eastern front will help form a sound race of men, and will prevent us from relapsing into the softness of a Europe thrown back upon itself.


Inhe accepted an appointment at Leipzig University. Ratzel did occasionally criticize such extreme racial views, but his criticisms were drowned amid the mass of his writings.

During the outbreak of Franco-Prussian war inhe joined the Prussian army and freidrich wounded twice during the war.

In he went through the Hungarian plains, where he was fascinated by the signs of recent agricultural settlement, and the Carpathians, where he found German-speaking communities. The conviction that this living space could be gained only in the east, and specifically from Russia, formed the core of this gatzel, and shaped his policy after his take-over of power in Germany triedrich In an era when tatzel Earth is gradually being divided up among states, some of which embrace almost entire continents, we cannot speak of a world power in connection with a formation whose political mother country is limited to the absurd area of five hundred thousand square kilometres.

As a result of essays based on these travels and a monograph on Chinese emigrationhe was appointed lecturer, inand then professor, inat the Technische Hochschule in Munich. Friedrich Ratzel August 30, — August 9, was a German geographer and ethnographernotable for first using the term Lebensraum “living space” in the sense that the National Socialists later would.

Ratzel emphasized Raum area and Lage location as basic elements in the constitution of states and suggested that such entities might be subject to natural processes of growth and decay. Immensely industrious throughout his life, he died of a stroke on Aug. Moreover, Nazi racial policies considered the populations of western Europe more racially acceptable to Aryan standards of “racial purity”.

During his eleven years at Friedridh, Ratzel produced the first volume of Anthropo-geographie and the first two volumes of his Volkerkunde —as well as at least shorter items.

This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. In Ratzel traveled widely in the Danube countries, the Alps, and Italy.


Friedrich Ratzel |

After a further year as an apothecary at Moers friedricu Krefeld in the Ruhr area —he spent a short time at the high school friedricg Karlsruhe and became a student of zoology at the universities of HeidelbergJena and Berlinfinishing in Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so. On the contrary, it must muster the determination either to seal off these alien racial elements, so that the blood of its own Folk will not be corrupted again, or it must, without further ado, remove them and hand over the vacated territory to vriedrich own National Comrades.

Penguin Dictionary of International relations. Thank You for Your Contribution! To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. Weinberg, Hitler’s Table Talk — His friedirch on the sites and development of cities and on the hinterlands of seaports in which he defined the areal extent and overlap of the limits in regard to nature, politics, delivery, supply or production, and traffic lebesraum the precursors of studies that appeared after Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Movement: Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

Original quotation in German: Journalist and Geographer Partly by good fortune Ratzel had the opportunity of traveling with a French naturalist, and he wrote up his experiences for lebensram Cologne newspaper. His total output of published work is enormous, consisting of 25 books and shorter works.

These were indeed a “blueprint for aggression”, or, as the professor called them, “a grasp at world power”: Germany and the Two World WarsCambridge:

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