Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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Overstatement has its place in Zindler’s canon, at least.

Frank Zindler

There is some quite misinformed commentary alongside: It appears to have been written to promote the doctrines of the Encratites. We have much to help us make sense of that text: It is said that “at least one of these sayings [ascribed to Jesus] “We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced…” Matt.

The four Gospels became a sort of “mini-canon,” a closed collection which would admit no other Gospels. Zindler’s appealing to Occam’s Razor and claiming his contrived, reworked, unattested history is a “simpler” view than the one in the Gospels is unreasonable to an excess.

Eastern Stages Metzger notes these three significant developments in the Eastern half of the late Roman Empire in the late 2nd century AD: Wells who brings up an issue we have covered hereissues of geography covered in the link above, points covered hereas well as this claim:.

The standard would render a great many geographical locations mentioned uniquely in single ancient authors “fictitious”. Again, such arguments are generally advanced only by the uninformed.


He could walk on water and held the keys to the gates of heaven. The box was actually two boxes, but a partition had been removed to make way for Lincoln’s full party. After the Jewish war with the Romans from AD it was necessary to re-settle Jewish priests and their zindller. Of course individual Christians are free to choose for themselves what books are infallible; but in doing so they should not demand that the church alter their own systems of belief to accommodate them.

Zindler’s proclamation rfank a “false sense of security” and “frightful uncertainty” is far ovberblown. Veteran readers will here as well as our last project find some familiar material, as we will be often lifting material from older essays to answer what amount to the same old objections we have only heard 7, times in the last 7 years. President of American Atheists Frank was the voice of atheism in America for at least a decade, and he earned the “Mr.

Most historians accept the textual accuracy of other ancient works on far less adequate manuscript grounds than is available for the New Testament.

Frank R. Zindler (Biographical Information)

In contrast, Zindler makes much of the lack of mention in the NT of Sepphoris, “even though people living in its shadow could reasonably be expected to interact with it at least occasionally. When Zindler’s Group B manufactured all of this, he apparently sees Group A cowering in immediate fear with no options.

A Critique of “The Twelve: Take the lack of documentation by Zindler as meaningful. He rejected the authenticity of 1 Timothy, and was the founder of the Encratites, a group that rejected marriage, meat, and wine – the latter of which is recommended for stomach disorder in 1 Timothy! Their weapons were obviously different, owing to the times; Oswald’s high-powered rifle would not have been around in Lincoln’s time and so was replaced with Booth’s derringer and knife, more appropriate weapons for the era.


Metzger divides his history between the Eastern and Western sectors of the Roman Empire; we shall follow suit for convenience.

Frank Zindler – The Christ Myth | Point of Inquiry

This is the seed from which an OT canon, or set of established books, grew. Beyond that, he proclaims ibid. One positive thing that was left behind by Basilides, however: That’s a total of three pages in your average Bible without study notes being in question.

Somewhat later, Clement of Alexandria is found quoting all of our current NT books as authoritative except Philemon, James, 2 Peter, and 2 and zincler John. Zindler’s case for a textual criticism crisis can only be made by finding actual problems, and in this effort he fails. Hence, under the criterion of apostolic authority, his works could have entered the canon under the same principles as Luke and Mark did, but he zindldr disqualified by other criteria.

One of these was Thomas Eckert, a man so strong that he broke several cast-iron pokers by striking them across his left arm. He sees much in NT imitation of OT models.

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