Secretum (Opere latine / Francesco Petrarca) (Italian Edition) [Francesco Petrarca] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Secretum [Francesco Petrarch, J.G. Nichols] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By writing what he called a “secret book” – taking the shape. Petrarch’s Secret; or, the Soul’s Conflict with Passion by Francesco Petrarca. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec.

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What use was all that reading?

Secretum – Il mio secreto

He studied the classics in France and continued his education at the University of Bologna in Italy. Petrarch’s own words suggest he’s really not in a good place at this time: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My Secret Book is a fascinating dialogue-with-the-self. Instead, it is an imagined dialogue between Petrarch and St. Clearly, Petrarch was in a mid-life sort of crisis — and interesting that he should reach for no less a figure than that of St.

But let’s move on.

Petrarch is concerned about his mortality — but not entirely in the way St. Mon secret – France. And then there’s all that book-writing when he could have been contemplating death! My library Prtrarca Advanced Book Search. Here, more obviously, Petrarch is talking with himself, wondering about how he has spent his life and whether those ambitious projects — unfinished, in some cases, still — were really worth it. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Petrarch’s Secret; or, the Soul’s Conflict with Passion by Francesco Petrarca

I must say with all due respect that petarca have gone seriously astray by exhausting yourself in the effort to write books, particularly at your age. Francesco PetrarcaDavy A. This bilingual I Tatti Renaissance Library edition, with the original Latin facing the only occasionally too fresh English of Nicholas Mann’s translation, certainly presents the text — along with a helpful, succinct Introduction, and petrraca notes and bibliographic information — ideally.

Lang- Fiction – pages 0 Reviews https: True, one wishes Petrarch had more often complained: In the first dialogue he really hammers home the death-obsession that he believes is key, but fortunately it’s not quite so bad over the remaining two — where he addresses Petrarch’s other faults.


Secretum (book) – Wikipedia

One can see the appeal of turning to St. The manifestations of this malady pervade his oeuvre as a whole: And Petrarch doesn’t seem to get the import of this. Augustine, who found his way, but it never feels like a path that Petrarch can follow. Orthofer30 June No eBook available Amazon. Retrieved from ” https: My Secret Book is a personally revealing work, a fascinating inner struggle put down in words.

One of the great poets of the 14th century, Italian scholar Francesco Petrarch is also regarded as the father of the humanist movement.

From inside the book. Langfranxesco Fiction – pages. Very rarely, and then so sluggishly that your thoughts do not penetrate to the depths of your predicament. Mortality is the ‘predicament’ St.

Francesco Petrarca’s — Petrarch’s — My Secret Book was probably composed between and and was not meant for publication: He’s as concerned with posterity, and with having lived a full, rich life while still a simple mortal man, not too concerned yet with what becomes of his soul or whatever it is that takes the next steps.

I would prefer to be some inert stone than to be tormented by so many stirrings of the flesh. Petrarch concedes that this lack of piety is the source of his unhappiness, but he insists that he cannot overcome it. The Form and Meaning of the Secretum Shey.

Search your soul rigorously; you will find that everything that you know, when compared to what you don’t know takes on the proportions of a stream drying up in the summer heat when compared to the Ocean. The Secret, Petrarch’s autobiographical treatise translated here from the Latin, represents a “humanist manifesto” central to understanding European culture during the Although he never revealed her true name, nor, apparently, ever expressed his love to her directly, he made her immortal with his Canzoniere date unknownor songbook, a collection of lyric poems and sonnets that rank among the most beautiful written in Italian, or in any other language.


The complete review ‘s Review:. The dawn of Humanism in Western Europe, however, saw this notion extended to the more general scholar, and featured as arguably its first protagonist, 14 th-century humanist Francesco Petrarca. Two things, in particular, are a huge problem: If whenever you think of death you are not disturbed, you will know that your thoughts have been useless, as if you had been thinking of something else.

Classical writers are also regarded as sources of authority supporting Christianity, and Secretum quotes them more frequently than scripture.

Secretum – Francesco Petrarca • BookLikes (ISBN)

Son of an exiled Florentine clerk, Petrarch was born in Arezzo, Italy, but was raised at the court of the Pope in Avignon in southern France.

Secretum was not circulated until some time after Secregum death, and was probably meant to be a means of self-examination more than a work to be published and read by others. My Secret Book by Francesco Petrarca. Canzoniere Rerum vulgarium fragmenta Africa Trionfi Bucolicum carmen.

Augustine does have a way of bringing everything back to death again Augustine tries to convey the proper death-thinking frame-of-mind: Augustine weren’t quite so fatally fixated — the dialogue is much more convincing and interesting when they get sidetracked elsewhere though St. Secretum De secreto conflictu curarum mearumtranslated as The Sedretum or My Secret Book is a trilogy of dialogues in Latin written by Petrarch sometime from toin which he examines his faith with the help of Saint Augustineand “in the presence of The Lady Truth”.

Augustine — with Truth hovering by their sides, passing: I never heard secetum more absurd” and, yes, ‘Come off francssco, please! Of course, the caveat is in the Augustinian Kool-Aid — go all-in on that death-focused way of life.

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