THANATOS AND EROS 2 Abstract In order to understand Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis. psychoanalysis. Thanatos being the drive of death and destruction and Eros being the drive of creativity and .. Estructura y Dinamica Interior. death drive, mourning and melancholia (S. Kahn: Eros &Thana- 1 Referring to Freud’s death drive by the name of ‘Thanatos’, the Greek God of Death, is common, although Gabriel Y., , Organizations and a state of darkness: Towards a the- Masson J., , Complete Letters of Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess. Sigmund Freud () was born in Moravia (then part of Austria; now in . Ideal demands are antagonistic to sexuality (Eros) and aggression (Thanatos).

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Narcissism as the passion of existence is the passion of death.

Explaining Thanatos (The Death Drive)

The Language of Psycho-analysis sgimund, revised ed. When a child learns to distinguish eigmund itself “I” and the objects it desires “other”the ego tnattos as a structure separate from the id. The death drive then manifested itself in the individual creature as a force “whose function is to assure that the organism shall follow its own path to death”.

In the event that the loved one was cruel or uninterested, this desire was shown to drive the lover into a state of depression, causing lamentation and illness. Interesting point about the sense of control that comes from self-destructive behavior.

Freud discusses “sublimation” as a process of redirecting psychical energy from ego-desire e. Love implies the desire for death, a desire that could be described in an imaginary way as a longing for return into the lifeless state that preceded the birth 8,14, However, Jung was inconsistent, and he did sometimes use the word “eros” as a shorthand to designate sexuality. Causes of death by rate Expressions related to death Natural disasters People by cause of death Premature obituaries Preventable causes of death Notable deaths by year Unusual deaths TV actors who died during production.


In a sense, the death drive is a force wigmund is not eeos to the life of an organism unlike an “instinct” and tends to denature it or make it behave in ways that are sometimes counter-intuitive.

Death drive

Humans bond together to promote happiness. But I feel like the evidence for Thanatos existing is overwhelming, if only in anecdotal ways. Like an excavated city, the history of a body’s skeleton, or an evolutionary descendent of a dinosaur see Civilization and its Discontents, ch.

Plato argues there that eros is initially felt for a person, but with contemplation it can become an appreciation for the beauty within that person, or even an appreciation for beauty itself in an ideal sense.

The New Enciclopedia Britannica, ; In short, the death drive persists even in the face of consequences. The classical conception of love’s arrows was developed further by the troubadour poets of Provence during the medieval periodand became part of the European courtly love tradition. The essence of the second law is that all processes in nature, provided the system includes what is involved in the process, produce irreversibility.

Explaining Thanatos (The Death Drive) | Thoughts from the Middle Seat

In our opinion, such argumentation does not contribute to the solution of the problem for two reasons.

He then set out to find an explanation of such a compulsion; in Freud’s own words, “What follows is speculation, often far-fetched speculation, which the reader will consider or dismiss according to his individual predilection”. When I was in middle school, to try to prove to myself I had control over my life, I would conduct random fasts, and not eat anything for a day. Freud includes castration, and Grunberger so-called return to the womb, in mental representations of the somatic death pressure 9,7, Freudian terminology the unconscious —the vast, unknowable, unexaminable part of the mind which Freud calls a “dynamic structure” in conflict with itself.

Eros refers to “passionate love” or romantic love; storge to familial love; philia to friendship as a kind of love; and agape tatos to “selfless love”, or ” charity ” as it is translated in the Christian scriptures from the Latin caritasdearness.


For this reason they do not have a direct relationship with man; it is only the mediation of eros that allows the connecting of a relationship Symposium Erks the instinct of life, the instinct of death demands gratification.

During the embryonic development, there are redundant neurons and glial cells relative to the limited number of their final connections. Eros and Thanatos —Freud identifies two drives that both ffreud and conflict within the individual and among individuals.

Agape parental love Eros marital love Filial piety Storge familial love. Thanatos, from the Greek word for “death” is the drive of aggression, sadism, destruction, violence, and death.

In contrast, Freud developed the concept on the basis of his clinical experience 1,7,8,9,10,17, Second edition revised by G. The super-ego is internalized self-criticism, an internalization of the voice of the father or authority.

In The Ego and the IdFreud has explained the psychological aspect of death instinct and its role in the concept, not only for melancholia and masochism but also generally in neuroses Part of a series on Love. The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud.

As Plato expresses it, eros can help the soul to “remember” beauty in its pure form. At times the source of the arrows was said to be the image of the beautiful love object itself. This page was last edited on 31 Julyat In this function, the ego is partially a representative of reality, sugmund though at bottom it may sympathize with the instinctive demands of id 9.

In what way are these actions destructive?

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