12 quotes from The Ordeal of Change: ‘The individual’s most vital need is to prove his worth, and this usually means an insatiable hunger for action. For. Eric Hoffer is a very interesting thinker, and I very much enjoyed his The Ordeal of Change. If possible, I would quote large parts of the book, but. During the Eisenhower Administration philosophical popularizer Eric Hoffer hit the headlines as the President’s curl-up-with-a-book favorite; since then White.

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To the genuine writer, the word is an end in itself and the center of his existence. The Christian heresy detached Judaism from the Jews, and the Protestant heresy separated Catholicism from the Catholic hierarchy. Eric Hoffer–one of America’s most important thinkers and the author of The True Believer–lived for years as a Depression Era migratory worker.

On the 1st January,the Eric Hoffer Award for books and prose was launched internationally in his honor. They feel our generosity as oppression. Fromm describes them and yet remained a socialist throughout his life, as far as I know. Pages with related products.

True Believer was written in In the process being the self-made man we hav Started reading this book about a year ago and only able to finish it months later. He makes the observation that people tend to become more outwardly creative when going through rough patches and suggests that a culture going though a major shift will produce an explosion of art. It was there he felt at home and finally settled down. Eric Hoffer was an outsider intellectual.

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Eric Hoffer

What a great book. However, it was not the intellectual crudity of an Aimee McPherson or a Hitler which won and held their following but the boundless self-confidence which prompted these leaders to give full rein to their preposterous ideas.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. He spent the next 10 years on Los Angeles’ skid row, reading, occasionally writing, and working odd jobs. Much of what Hoffer discusses has more The Ordeal of Change is a collection of essays by Eric Hoffer which examine the patterns and influences involved in social and cultural change.

All mass movements deprecate the present by depicting it as a mean preliminary oc a glorious future; a mere doormat on the threshold of the millennium.

The Ordeal of Change Quotes by Eric Hoffer

We are an opinionated people and do not take well to conformity. They were made into a tbe for the maintenance and aggrandizement of a vast hierarchy of clerks, while the ot in spirit, instead of inheriting the earth, were left to sink into serfdom and superstitious darkness. By the age of five, he could read in both German and English. See and discover other items: I highly recommend this short, terse book for anyone.

Fromm wrote the afterword to the edition of that we read in high school which is the copy I still have. Ordel to her death, Osborne was the executor of Hoffer’s estate, and vigorously controlled the rights to his intellectual property. However, one last quote which I think sums up the end of the Cold War:. Most were illiterate and impoverished, living in a world that included no expansive physical or intellectual vistas. Write a customer review.

In particular, he argues that the root cause of social discontent in Asia was not government corruption, “communist agitation,” or the legacy of European colonial “oppression and exploitation,” but rather that a “craving for pride” was the central problem in Asia, suggesting a problem that could not be relieved through typical American intervention.


It is only when the chhange flow within him materializes in serried ranks of words that he feels at home in the world. All deal with political, social and philosophical ideas.

And remembering the battle cry of the Kronstadt uprising, it is permissible to predict that the slogan of an eventual Communist heresy will be: But it somewhat was like reading David Horowitz with the difference being that David Horowitz is speaking from the point of view that he has left the worldview and politics that fed on these dire things.

This hofefr not to say his conclusions are wrong, just that they are conclusions based on his experience, his temperament, his biases, etc.

The Ordeal of Change Quotes

Uncomfortable with this discovery, he quit after one day. This book is also extremedy relevant to what is happening globally. Say howdy to Gorbachev and Putin. The impulse of the imitators is to overcome the model they imitate—to surpass it, leave it behind, or, better still, eliminate it completely.

He wrote about 10 books about where man came from, where he is, and where he’s going. However imposing and successful his action, he feels in his innermost being that he is selling his birthright for a mess of pottage.

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