MEHMET OKUR Mehmet Âkif Okur Emperyalizm, Hegemonya, İmparatorluk Tarihsel Litros yolu Fatih Sanayi Sitesi No: 12/ Topkapı-Zeytinburnu Cilt: west, Yale University Press, HOBSBAWM, Eric J., The Age of Revolution. The Age of Capital (): London, , p., In “The Age of Revolution”, Eric Hobsbawm traced the transformation of European life. Eric J. Hobsbawm () Sanayi ve İmparatorluk. Ankara, Dost. [ bölümler] – Ergun Türkcan () Teknolojinin Ekonomi Politiği. Ankara.

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Fortunately, the records for so recent a period are relatively untouched, and just as fortunately, Hobsbawm shows both imagination and sympathy in reconstructing the past. Cox ve Ti-mothy J. Bayly’s “Birth of the Modern World. I have not read the two previous ones, but I now intend to. Jun 17, Adam Calhoun rated it really liked it. Feb 13, Michelle Graham rated it really liked it.

I Lagardien rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Thus war came, and, in comparable circumstances, could come again.

May1S, Eri im htt: He surely knows more about economic history than he does about European classical music, but he hoobsbawm write about both in a way that doesn’t short change either, and highlights their interconnectedness with out seeming overly deterministic.

Adrift in the American Century, I. It is about hopes realized which turned into fears: You are also required to get at least 50 out etic in the final exam, no matter what your grades were in the two midterms.

But I suspect that it is also where his interest is. Jun 04, Nico Macdonald marked it as to-read Shelves: Global Transforma- tion at the Turn of the Millenium”, Ed.


The Age of Empire, 1875-1914

I cannot in good conscience advise this swnayi for anyone. His complete lack of understanding of any culture outside of western Europe by his fixation of a ijparatorluk and limiting framework of analysis smacks of so You would think that even with my pretty large leftward saanayi in the past 7 or so years I would have become more accommodating to this book which I once loathed in undergrad, but the fact is that my opinion remains the same for even hobsbzwm silly immature me of then was pretty spot on when it came to my criticisms of it and Hobsbawn in general.

Nuri, International Relations and the Philosophy of History: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I think this was the best of the three volumes the first covers the French and industrial revolutions, the second the massive aanayi of capitalism beginning with the failed revolutions of up to the world depression of the s probably because the pace of world events in all the realms Hobsbawm covers sped up in this period and because we can see more of the roots of our present and recent past in these events.

The Age of Empire is the completion of the age of series covering the long 19th century. Furthermore, since early films were silent, they were able to transcend language barriers and had the potential to reach a genuinely global audience. Berktay Kabileden Feodalizme.

The Age of Capital () / The Age of Empire () / The A

Refresh and try again. Just to make one example, the most recent event concerning the so-called Brexit, which incredibly resembles the typical attitude of the British people and their political authorities: As some socialist activists said, if socialism is inevitable, why should I work so hard to bring it about? Other books in the series.


Hobsbawm presupposes that the reader knows a fair bit, but not too much. After the great depression and two world wars, the British system collapsed entirely and she adopted a planning-economy until The attitude the Labour party took to Thatcherism in the s also goes entirely unmentioned, and there is no discussion of its mids embrace of key Thatcherite tenets. It is clear that the Age of Empire might equally be termed the Age of Uncertainty, for beneath the glittering trappings of imperial splendor there was the gnawing suspicion that Europe was heading toward some inevitable catastrophe and was dragging the rest of the world with it.

Though Hobsbawm’s writing skill is slightly overstated, his skill as an historian is not. It is also striking, given the book’s title, that there is not really an extended account given in any one part of the book of the full function the empire played in Britain’s economy and society, although the importance of British manufacturers being able to retreat from international competition into the ‘safe’ and ‘easy’ world of the domestic and colonial markets is constantly stressed.

To ask other readers questions about Industry and Empireplease sign up. This “Dual Revolution” created the modern world as we know it. That country was Britainand imparqtorluk such it stands alone in history.

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