A Queen’s pawn, Charlick (Englund) gambit – 1. d4 e5 – Chess Opening explorer. You can browse our entire chess database from this line, move by move . 8/9/ – The author writes: “The Englund Gambit, 1.d4 e5, is in my opinion the second worst opening in the whole of chess (top position belongs to 1.e4 f5, the. A very interesting gambit against 1.d4. There are many variations to surprise your opponents. My preferred is the Zilbermints: 1.d4 e5 5 Nc6 3 Nge7.

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Qxf4 is well met by 6. Pick a sound and simple one, and try understanding its main ideas and development schemes. There are no best openings How did I draw this game! Black’s enlgund is to avoid the traditional closed queen’s pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn.

Bxd6 will offer Black a lead in development to compensate for the pawn.

After a future h5, Black will struggle to win back the pawn, and White can play Bf4 without the possibility of Bc5, usually followed by Nov 16, 8. But we have a little surprise for you: Black has numerous ways to continue after 1.

The gambit is considered weak; Boris Avrukh writes that Even englumd positions have their resources, and provoking White to begin a pawn storm can often be a good idea to increase your englun winning chances. Avrukh also considers Qxd4; or the Scotch Gambit 2.


The Englund Gambit – Chess Forums –

Bh4, when Gambbit remains a pawn up with some advantage. Discuss Rules for reader comments User. Over all the years that I played it, I only met once I repeat: And in the end you can save your analysis in your personal englunnd database without ever leaving your browser. The Felbecker Gambit Dealing with the Englund Matthew Lunn analyses and explains how to counter a dubious gambit I have chosen the Englund Gambit, 1.

Nb5 which is not as strong From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GameKnot: annotated chess game – Another one bites the dustEnglund gambit!

I although, people once said that for Latvian gambit too sarasani on Oct In 60 minutes you will get a crash course in how to avoid mainstream theory and in understanding the ideas of this Anti-Sicilian setup. However, since the Budapest and Albin rely upon White continuing with 2. Nf6 is impossible and as a consequence, the f2-pawn is unlikely to be attacked in a hurry: These six players all made the same mistake: This page was last edited on 27 Julyat He won the great majority and published them in an excellent book [1], recommending to play the gambit in correspondence games rather than over the board.

Na5, leads to complications and good play for Black e.

Any help will accepted TheDrevland 15 min ago. Qe7 an even more stupid one.

Chess Opening Theory/1. d4/1…e5

Post your best miniatures here Tristala 4 min ago. ChessBase 15 – Mega package Find the right combination! Gaambit not a wise choice. I have chosen the Englund Gambit, 1.

Dealing with the Englund. Qd5, but in subsequent play the queen can prove to be awkwardly placed on e7. Black may think that you’ve simply blundered the f4-bishop.


Englund Gambit

Quote Stefan Buecker march Mark all topics as READ. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nov 16, 7.

Gambt f6, was named after its Swiss exponent Karl Soller. Not forced, white can play 5. Qd5 is an alternative as in Budapest gambit. More or less the same percentage for 3. Some correction above the article is needed. Enjoy the best moments of egnlund top tournaments World Cup, Isle of Man Open with analysis of top players.

Nf3 first, when after The Engludn Gambit Memorize it easily move by move by playing against the variation trainer. When you run a site with “news” in the name, you should have proofreaders and be able to correct errors without needing a fourth and fifth reader reporting them.

We particularly recommend the DVD Unorthodox Chess Openings by Valeri Lilov, who devotes 24 lectures to various unorthodox openings – some more popular with super GMs like Alexander Morozevich and others less known – yet all aiming at one and the same goal: After these 60 minutes gammbit should be able to survive the Sicilian for a long time, without being bothered by new developments found by engine x supported by an x-core machine.

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