Decizia / (DECIZIE Nr. din 30 iulie privind autorizarea functionarii ca broker de asigurare a Societatii Comerciale „UNIVERSAL INSURANCE. Hotărârea / (HOTARARE Nr. din 28 iulie privind suplimentarea bugetului de venituri si cheltuieli al Curtii de Conturi a Romaniei pe anul. din Constituţia României, republicată, şi al Legii nr. 24/ privind normele de tehnică Momentan nu exista niciun comentariu la Hotărârea din

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Within the review period, the Member State issuing the alert may, following a comprehensive individual assessment, which shall be recorded, decide to keep the alert longer, should this prove necessary for the purposes for which the alert was issued. Data may not be used for administrative purposes.

The costs of setting up, operating and maintaining each N. Where reference is made to this Article, the Commission shall be assisted by a regulatory Committee composed of the representatives of the Member Deciziz and chaired by the representative of the Commission. The Management Authority shall ensure the annual publication of the list in the 207 Journal of the European Union.

However, at 2007 behest of a competent judicial authority under national law, either on the basis of a general instruction ddcizia in a specific case, a flag may also be required to be added to an alert for arrest for surrender purposes if it is obvious that the execution of the European Arrest Warrant will have to be refused.

Each Member State shall apply its rules of professional secrecy or other equivalent duties of confidentiality to all persons and bodies required to work with SIS II data and supplementary information, in accordance with its national legislation. The compatibility of alerts on persons should be examined as a matter of priority. However, it is appropriate to strengthen cooperation between the European Union and Interpol by promoting an efficient exchange of passport data.

The Management Authority shall ensure that procedures are in place to monitor the functioning of SIS Vecizia against objectives, relating to output, cost-effectiveness, security and quality of service. They shall in any event be deleted at the latest one year after the related vecizia has been deleted from SIS II.

It may submit an amended proposal to the Council, re-submit its proposal or present a legislative proposal. Both the Member States deciza the Commission should draw up a security plan in order to facilitate the implementation of security obligations and should cooperate with each other in order to address security issues from a common perspective.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Such an arrangement has been contemplated in the Exchange of Letters between the Community and Switzerland, annexed to the abovementioned Agreement. The following categories of readily identifiable objects shall be entered: If the Member State against which an action is brought is not the Member State issuing the alert, the latter shall be required to reimburse, on request, the sums paid out as compensation unless the use of data by the Member State requesting reimbursement infringes this Decision.


Data on persons wanted for arrest for surrender purposes on the basis of a European Arrest Warrant or wanted for arrest for extradition purposes shall be entered at the request of the judicial authority of the issuing Member State. The fact that the legislative basis necessary for governing SIS II consists of separate instruments does not affect the principle that SIS II constitutes fecizia single information 5533 that should operate as such.

The provisions of this Decision shall apply to such copies. In order to ensure transparency, a report on the technical functioning of Central SIS II and the communication infrastructure, including its security, and on the exchange of supplementary information should be produced every two years by the Commission or, when it is established, the management authority. The Management Authority, in relation to Central SIS II and the Commission in relation to the Communication Infrastructure, shall adopt the necessary measures, including of a security plan, in order to:.

Hotărârea / | Legislatie gratuita

Implementing powers in respect of those aspects should therefore be delegated to the Commission. This shall be done through the exchange of supplementary information. Authorities with no right of access to certain categories of alerts shall not be able to see the link to an alert to which they do not have access.

This obligation shall also apply after those people leave office or employment or after the termination of their activities. The communication, other than between the competent authorities, of data on a missing person who has been located and who is of age shall be subject to that person’s consent.

Antonin Scalia

The individual shall be informed about the follow-up given to the exercise of his rights of correction and deletion as soon as possible and in any event not later than three months from the date on which he applies for correction or deletion or sooner if national law so provides. The information on persons in relation to whom an alert has been issued shall be no more than the following: The individual concerned shall be informed as soon as possible and in any event not later than 60 days from the date on which he applies for access or sooner if national law so provides.

Exchange of data on stolen, misappropriated, lost or invalidated passports with Interpol. SIS II, data integrity and security, shall have access, within the limits of their competence and at their request, decisia these records for the purpose of fulfilling their duties.

Each Member State shall ensure that an independent authority the national supervisory authority monitors independently the lawfulness of the processing of SIS II personal data on their territory and its transmission from their territory, and the exchange and further processing of supplementary information.

Before this functionality is implemented in SIS II, the Commission shall present a report on 207 availability and readiness of the required technology, on which the European Parliament shall be consulted. A national copy shall be available for the purpose of carrying out automated searches in the dni of each of the Member States using such a copy.


Each Member State shall, where appropriate, set shorter review periods in accordance with its national law.

Chapter 19 Volume P. It is necessary to specify the objectives of SIS II, its technical architecture and financing, to lay down rules concerning its deciziaa and use and to define responsibilities, the categories of data to be entered into the system, the purposes for which the data are to be entered, the criteria for their entry, the authorities authorised to access the data, the interlinking of alerts and further rules on data processing and the protection of personal data.

Rules of procedure shall be adopted at the first meeting. The European Data Protection Supervisor shall check that the personal data processing activities of the Management Authority are carried out in accordance with this Decision.

The Chair shall not vote. Europol may only communicate such information to third countries and third bodies with the consent of the Member State concerned. If the Member States are unable to reach agreement within two months, the Member State which did not issue the alert shall submit the matter to the European Data Protection Supervisor who shall, jointly with the national supervisory authorities concerned, act as mediator.

The following categories of missing persons may be entered: It is necessary to establish a manual setting out the detailed rules for the exchange of certain supplementary information concerning the action called for by alerts. However, the competent authorities may communicate the fact that the alert has been erased because the person has been located to the person who reported the person missing.

Any communication of information obtained from such a search may only be communicated to third countries and third bodies with the consent of the Member State which issued the alert. However, the right to access data entered in SIS II and the right to search such data directly may also be exercised by national judicial authorities, including those responsible for the initiation of public prosecutions in criminal proceedings and for judicial inquiries prior to charge, in the performance of their tasks, as provided for in national legislation, and by their coordinating authorities.

Decizia / | Legislatie gratuita

In the long term, decizja following an impact assessment, containing a substantive analysis of alternatives from financial, operational and organisational perspective, and legislative proposals from the Commission, a management authority with responsibility for these tasks should be established.

SIS II should constitute a compensatory measure contributing to maintaining a high level of security within the area of freedom, security and justice of the European Union by supporting operational cooperation between police authorities and judicial authorities in criminal matters.

The Member State which located the object shall take measures in accordance with national law.

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