Ariel Dorfman’s explosively provocative, award-winning drama is set in a country that has only recently returned to democracy. Gerardo Escobar has just been. Dorfman, Schubert, and Death and the Maiden. David Schroeder. Dalhousie University. Follow this and additional works at: In his article, “Dorfman, Schubert, and Death and the Maiden,” David Schroeder suggests that the selection of the play’s title Death and the Maiden () by.

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In his article, “Dorfman, Schubert, and Death and the Maiden,” David Schroeder suggests that the selection of the play’s title Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman is a careful one. Order by newest oldest maiven. It seemed to me the obligation of a writer was to force the country to look at itself, at what all those years of mendacity and dread tbe wrought. Dorfman, Schubert, and Death and the Maiden. So many societies that back then were being torn by the question of what you do thd the trauma of the past, how to live side by side with your enemies, how to judge those who had abused power without destroying the fabric of a reconciliation necessary to move forward.

Neither did I let the victims off the hook.

Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman | : Books

Death and the Maiden plunged its finger into the wound of Chile by showing that the executioners were among us, smiling on the streets but also interrogated the democratic elite, wondering what ideals they had forced dorfnan to sacrifice. I’m thrilled that the relations between men and women that I explored, the intricacies of memory and madness, the aftermath of violence, the uncertainty of truth and odrfman, continue to capture the imagination of so many.

Throughout the play it is uncertain whether details are evidence of Roberto’s guilt or Paulina’s paranoia. A woman awaits the return of her husband as the sun goes down.

Paulina Salas is a former political prisoner in an unnamed Latin American country who had been raped by her captors, led by a sadistic doctor whose face she never saw. Schroeder argues that Schubert was much more a political creature than has been widely recognized and that Dorfman seems to have sensed abd Schubert’s political nature.


Paulina, the woman who had been raped and tortured and betrayed, was the most violent person on that stage, so the question for her was not any easier: Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

My goals were far more modest. With the same cast and director, it transferred to the Mainstage at The Royal Court on 4 November By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I can’t help but ask if 20 years from now I will be writing this phrase all over again: But what my compatriots did dorfma want for themselves was celebrated by the world.

In fact, at the end of the play, as Schroeder argues, it is Schubert’s music from the quartet that has the final say. Skip to main content. Retrieved from ” https: Comparative Literature and Culture 9. When Dorfkan comes back from a visit to the president, he gets a flat tire. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat Miranda’s similarities with Schubert’s Death.

She sends Gerardo out to get Roberto’s car so he can go home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Authors David SchroederDalhousie University. Paulina records the entire confession and has Roberto write it out and sign it.

Death and the Maiden (play) – Wikipedia

The rapist doctor played Schubert ‘s String Quartet No. Recommended Citation Schroeder, David. Susie Porter played Paulina with Eugene Gilfedder as the man whose voice might be his undoing.

I t happened yesterday but it could well be today. The Australian premiere production of Death and the Maiden took place on 16 December David SchroederDalhousie University. Twenty years ago, when Death and the Maidenthe play that tells this story, opened in London at the Royal Court Upstairsthe country where that woman, Paulina, awaited a constantly delayed justice, was my own Chile or the Argentina where I was born.

Show 25 25 50 All. Schroeder further explains that the connection with Schubert’s work is also better understood in relation to Schubert’s belief in the impossibility of returning to life “as it was before” after destructive episodes. The dictatorship that plagued her land has just fallen, and everything is uncertain. But one does not create such a transgressive play in a country still reeling from many years of pain without suffering the consequences oneself. During the night and the day that follows she will have to confront that fear, she will bring to justice in her living room the doctor she believes is responsible for having tortured and raped her years ago.


The woman is full of fear, gripped by a secret terror that she only shares with the man she loves.

Death and the Maiden’s haunting relevance

Royal Court Theatre London. Views Read Edit View history. And now I have come back to London, and my characters have returned to the city that embraced them when they were as homeless as I was. Thrilled, yes, but it is also sobering to realise that humanity has not managed to learn from the past, that torture has not been abolished, that justice is so rarely served, that censorship prevails, that the hopes deaath a democratic revolution can be gutted and distorted and warped.

Ghe they are alone for the last time, Paulina accuses Roberto of being unrepentant and detah beyond a reasonable doubt. I’m thrilled that Death and the Maiden has not aged over these 20 years, that it still moves people to tears, confronts them with a tragedy that has no dortman solution, that it speaks to our world today with the same passion it embodied yesterday. Her husband, a lawyer in charge of a commission investigating the deaths of thousands of dissidents under the previous regime, must defend the accused man because without the rule of law the transition to democracy will be compromised; if xnd wife kills that doctor, the husband will not be able to help heal a sick and wounded land.

A workshop production was staged and opened in Santiago, Chileon 10 March A stranger named Dr. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

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