Condair CP3 Mini with Fan. CP3-PR Series with inbuilt fan for direct room applications, kg/hr. The ventilation FAN unit is used for direct room air. The CP3 is an electrode steam humidifier which represents the latest generation of proven electrode steam humidifiers. Using normal drinking. United Humidifiers – Offering Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about CAR HUMIDIFIER. Mini Humidifiers.

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Does the water supply installation meet the requirements of the local regulations for water installations? The elimination of faults must be carried out by qualified and well trained professionals only.

Inlet valve blocked or defective. Language versions These mounting instructions is available in various languages. Humidity sensor signal signal Y missing for more than 1 minute red lights Error E Find your local Condair distributor. Innovative scale management for easy servicing, accurate humidity control and no disposable boiling cylinders.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt

Select a location for the installation, tailored to suit your duct see the following illustrations and position the steam distribution pipes in the duct so that a uniform distribution of steam is achieved.

Steam Humidifiers Data di pubblicazione: Then, lead the hose into the unit through the break-through on the top side of the unit and insert it about 2 cm into the specified opening of the water cup. Use original Condair condensate hose exclusively. On On backlight permanently switched on Time-Off backlight is switched off after a certain period of time, see chapter 4.


If for some reason the Condair CP3mini must be installed in a location without floor drain, it is mandatory to provide a leakage monitoring device to safely cpp3 the water supply in case of leakage. Selecting the unit version from the table in chapter 4. Condair GS gas-fired steam humidifier High capacity steam humidification with low operating costs due to economy of using gas rather than electricity.

Off Set Controls Hum. Do not overtighten the hose clamp on the steam connector of the steam humidifier. Excess Current red lights Error E Off Set Power Limit Timer: Get expert advice on your humidifier project. Disconnect the electric cables, then remove the ventilation unit together with the steam and condensate hose to the front.

The thread at the humidifier connection is made of plastic. Check quality of the supply water. This relay closes as soon as the unit produces steam. If you have questions, which are not or insufficiently answered in this documentation, please contact your Condair supplier.

The Cp3 electrode steam boiler humidifier has innovative features such as water A leaky steam hose can cause damage due to moisture inside the unit. The control of the CP3mini checks whether there is a temporary problem e. The installation of the components of the water system follows the reverse sequence. Operation of the equipment in the intended manner requires that all the information in these instructions is observed in particular the safety instructions.


Steam line with fixed piping For steam lines with fixed piping, the same instructions apply to the laying of the piping as already described.

Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier – United Humidifiers, Mumbai | ID:

Reset are you sure? Are all connecting cables fastened? Economic live steam humidification using a building’s existing steam network to deliver dry steam to clndair duct or AHU. An optional battery-powered humidity sensor can be located in the room and transmits a signal back to the humidifier to control output to the desired level.

Never dispose of the packaging to the environment.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt |

Phase failure heating voltage. As soon as the electrodes come in contact with the water, current begins to flow between the electrodes, eventually heating and evaporating the water. Ultrasonic Humidifier in Noida. As soon as the safety chain is closed again, the indication disappears.

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