The Rohonc Codex is a Renaissance-era manuscript in an unknown script and Rohonczi Codex site has images of the Codex and a discussion. nota red: Pe acest site sint publicate toate cele file ale Codexului Rohonczi. Pastram numerotarea originala a Academiei de Stiinte a Ungariei. Astfel in. A facsimile edition of the Rohonc Codex, via Wikimedia Commons . or from obscure books, like Némethi Kálmán’s Rohonczi Codex.

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Public domain Dohonczi domain false false. And the winners are … Lycra bei Revisited: We are lucky there are so many mysteries out there! Since its existence became widely known, the codex has been studied by many scholars and amateurs, but none has succeeded in providing a widely accepted convincing translation or interpretation of the text. The book’s origin and the meaning of the text and illustrations have been investigated by many scholars and amateurs, dodex no definitive conclusion, although many Hungarian scholars believe that it is an 18th-century hoax.

Blind Spot: The Codex of Rohonc — Historical Blindness

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder — different people see different things when looking at the same picture. But, when you have so little to go on, you consider every possibility, trying to expand the number of decoded signs. Also I checked Ethiopian syllabs. I was in touch with various Hungarian gentlemen having a background in the RC, including Mr. Probably used by families or ethnic groups who arrived to Hungary to Transylvania?


Views Read Edit View history. She provided the only linguistic source of a hitherto unknown state of the Romanian languageand her text even with her glossary raises such serious doubts both in its linguistic and historic authenticity that they render her work unscientific.

I did not give up, though. I do not think it is in Hungarian either.

You may know that Hungarian researchers one of them is mathematician types the entire codex into computer they created the characters in the computer.

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Rohonc Codex – Wikipedia

Description Codex Rohonczi It is more like a book in hypertext about a book in cyphertext. Besides the text, there are 87 illustrations that include religious, laic, and military scenes. I fully agree with Delia that this shall mean Christ os.

On When and Where — pretty self-explanatory title. Singh’s attempt was immediately criticized in the next issue of the same journal. My findings regarding the script are organized in two lengthy chapters: Thus all we have, at least until some major breakthrough becomes public, are the much repeated details that have long been known, as well as, of course, our speculations. He is known to have created many historical forgeries mostly made in the s which deceived even some of the most renowned Hungarian scholars of the time.

This site uses cookies. He transliterated the first 24 pages of roonczi codex to get a Rrohonczi text which was translated to Hungarian. But I really need someones help to know how to make it optimal.


Rohoncxi can immerse yourself in my book and read chapter after chapter or take advantage of the hyperlinks and skip to what interests you most.

Do you have a particular reason to believe it is in Hungarian?

Science Blogs

Concerning the language of the codex, although HungarianDacianearly Romanian or Cumanand even Hindi have been proposed, none of the hypotheses have been backed with scientific proof so far. Scholars continued their studies of the codex for years, certain that if they could decipher the text, the manuscript would offer some historical insights heretofore undiscovered, or at least that it would prove to be an artifact of some worth.

I do not find it a problem that on some pictures CX is not above Christ, but maybe above Pilatus or Herodes.

The Codex from Rohonc Project. You might be right about the drawing with the trial of Jesus. You will find more details about the Codex here. Dear Attila, If you refer to Mr. If you are interested to work with me please leave a comment on my blog. This spelling has spread probably due to the book of V.

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