Archived Cigna financial reports and earnings releases can be accessed on this page. Find the shareholder information you need about Cigna online now. PDF ยท Form 10K (HTML). CIGNA Corporation does not currently have any hardcopy reports on Click the button below to request a report. Course details for the Cigna 10km Run including course maps, summary, start and finish times, cut off times and prizes.

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These operations also provide disability and life insurance products which were historically sold in connection with certain experience-rated medical products. Additionally, for some individual life insurance and supplemental health insurance products Cignaa International establishes policy reserves which reflect the present value of expected future obligations less the present value of expected future premiums.

CIGNA is also developing technology tools to assist employers in choosing product designs to achieve better health outcomes for their plan participants. Insurance ratings represent the opinions of the rating agencies on the financial strength of a company and its capacity to meet the obligations of insurance policies. Premiums and fees charged for disability and life insurance products are generally established in advance of the policy period and are generally guaranteed for one cgina three years and selectively guaranteed for up to five years, but policies can in most cases be subject to early termination by the policyholder or by the insurance company.

For life insurance products, the degree to xigna future experience deviates from mortality, morbidity and expense assumptions affects profitability. Such investments consist primarily of first mortgage loans on commercial properties and are diversified by property type, location and borrower.

The characteristics of these assets are generally managed to reflect the underlying characteristics of related insurance and contractholder liabilities, as well as regulatory and tax considerations in the countries where CIGNA’s subsidiaries operate. The application gives consumers information on the total health care cost to them and their employer. The Company continues to make significant investments in the development and implementation of systems and technology to improve the provider service experience for customers and health care professionals e.

Cigna Corp (CI) SEC Filing 10-K Annual report for the fiscal year ending Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cash values on variable universal life policies vary directly with the performance of a specific pool of investments underlying the policy. These capabilities are critical to enabling the Health Care segment to execute on its strategies to achieve profitable growth and retain customers.


CIGNA HealthCare reduces its exposure ciigna large catastrophic losses under group life, disability and accidental death contracts by purchasing reinsurance from unaffiliated reinsurers.

For the life, accident and supplemental health insurance line of business, locally based competitors are primarily indigenous insurance companies, including insurance subsidiaries of banks.

CIGNA HealthCare offers a wide array of health advocacy programs and services to help individuals improve the health of the mind and body, including:. Other premiums are established on an experience-rated basis. Mortgage loans on real estate.

Cigna Corp (CI) 10K Annual Reports & 10Q SEC Filings | Last10K

CIGNA faces risks related to litigation and regulatory investigations. The Company did not repurchase any shares in The increase was primarily due to higher asset levels offset by unfavorable foreign currency movements. The decrease was primarily due to unfavorable foreign currency cigma, particularly in South Korea. Liquidity and Capital Resources Outlook.

Financial Releases | Cigna

Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures about Market Risk. Permanent life insurance provides coverage that, when adequately funded, does not expire after a term of years. Excluding this charge, GMIB losses in primarily reflected the declines in equity market and interest rates and increased market volatility. Parties as of December 31, Fair values are based on quoted market prices when available.

The Company manages its investment portfolios to generate cash flows needed to satisfy contractual obligations. The availability of capital resources will be impacted by equity and credit market conditions. These products, and the investment assets supporting them, are described below. CIGNA’s motion to dismiss the case is pending. The Company estimates these liabilities based on assumptions for investment yields, mortality, and administrative expenses.

If a contractholder withdraws substantially all of its mutual fund investments, the liability increases reflecting the lower assumed future premiums, the lower likelihood of lapsation, and the lower likelihood of account values recovering sufficiently to reduce death benefit exposure in future periods. Income, gains and losses generally accrue directly to the contractholders. Health insurers and HMOs are further subject to regulations related to guaranteed issuance for groups with 50 or fewer livesguaranteed renewal, and portability of health insurance.


The profitability of health care products is dependent upon the cibna of projections for health care inflation unit cost, location of delivery of care, including currency of incurral and utilizationmembership demographics, the adequacy of fees charged for administration and effective medical cost management.

See Note 4 to the Consolidated Financial Statements for additional information. Premiums in the health benefits business are ciga fixed for one-year periods. The Company also performs regular audits of ceding companies to ensure that premiums received and claims paid properly reflect the underlying risks, and to maximize the probability of subsequent collection of claims from retrocessionaires.

Typically, most providers are recredentialed every three years. The Company prioritizes its use of capital resources to:.

These third parties include information technology system providers, independent practice associations, call center and claim service providers and specialty service providers.

Under ASO funding arrangements, the employer or other plan cibna self-funds, or assumes the risk for, all of its claims and assumes the risk for claim costs incurred. Supplemental health products provide a specified payment for a variety of health risks and include personal accident, accidental death, critical illness, hospitalization, cancer and other dread disease coverages. Invested Assets supporting longer-term group disability insurance benefits and group life waiver of premium benefits are generally managed to an aggregate duration similar to that of the related benefit cash flows.

As a direct employer of health care professionals and as an operator of primary and low-acuity care clinics and other types of medical facilities, the Company is subject to liability for negligent acts, omissions, or injuries occurring at one of its clinics or caused 1k0 one of its employees.

System development projects are long term in nature, may be more costly than expected to complete and may not deliver the expected benefits upon completion. Please ensure walkers start at the back behind the runners and keep to the left at all times. While no one competitor or small number of competitors dominates the health care market, CIGNA expects a continuing trend of consolidation in the industry with the emergence of consumerism intensifying this trend.

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