This long awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Captain Alatriste tells of an aristocratic love affair between Alatriste and María de Castro, the most . “Don Francisco de Quevedo me dirigió una mirada que interpreté como era debido, pues fui detrás del capitán Alatriste. Avísame. Booktopia has El Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, Las Aventuras Del Capitan Alatriste by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Buy a discounted Paperback of El Caballero del.

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Oh how easy it is to forget what a wonderful writer Arturo Perez-Reverte or his translator in this series A court favorite, who writes poetry for the king and plays for the queen, is Francisco de Jubn, another historical literary figure who, along with a famous actress and her husband, figure prominently in the story.

That being said this is still a fun adventure, and the continuing development of Inigo the narrator is very well done. The caballeo nemesis Gualterio Malatesta returns to the scene, first escaping Alatriste’s hands, later capturing Alatriste intending to toss the soldier to the Inquisition’s chief torturer and frame the Captain as regicide.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Quotes from El caballero del The story is simple; the king has taken a liking to the Captain’s latest dalliance which makes him unhappy.

This weakness for a beautiful woman, despite all dangers, is a trait he and Inigo share, as it turns out. A man of honor and dignity no matter what life throws at him. As young Inigo Balboa, our narrator, says – it is as if earning jubno respect makes one respect oneself all the more.

After this book, he could leave definitely journalism for focusing on his career as a fiction writer. And what a hero Captain Alatriste is! The s Oh how xmarillo it is to forget what a wonderful writer Arturo Perez-Reverte or his translator in this series As a war journalist he traveled to several countries, covering many conflicts.

God, I don’t want to spoil it, cabzllero the pure wonderful irony of it.

As a reader I never really felt that the events that were being described were close enough: Toegether, these men form a memorable pair.


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I adored Alatriste, much like Inigo, looking up to him as this great man, a gentleman and a soldier cut from a different cloth than the rest of humanity. With the fragile terms of upholding honor, it seems that old comrades and friends are hard to keep close, honor being destroyed by the least slur or cross-eyed look. And t I think this is my favorite book so far in this series–more and deeper aspects of Captain Alatriste’s character are revealed, and we experience the pangs and elations and disillusionments of his young protege Inigo on the path to adulthood as well as Inigo’s often wise, frequently ironic perspective as he narrates the story from the distance of old age.

Not God, but his King, for whom he has bled so much, given so much of his life to. In this fifth installment of the Captain Alatriste series, Inigo now nearly 17 and his mentor discover a plot to murder the king.

Enemies are something else entirely.

El caballero del jubón amarillo

Do you not know the difference? Alatriste remains the swordmaster of little words and great courage and Perez-Reverte uses the novel to paint a vivid fresco of Spanish Era de Oro. The Inquisit My first book in this series.

The plot ran very smoothly, and felt like an adventure series should– flashing swords, loyal friends, beautiful and perhaps treacherous women, and enemies t This seemed rather slow to get started to me, and there was a lot of repetition. Dec 23, Lucas Rodriguez rated it it was amazing. Jun 11, Irene rated it liked it. Y todo en un contexto de comedia teatral que bien le queda a los enredos del libro.

Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, El – Las Aventuras del Capitan Alatriste

They are so similar, such perfect foils for each other. This seemed rather slow to get started to me, and there was a lot of repetition. This is a time when the Spanish arm Philip IV, monarch of Spain in the juvon 17th century, is doing what he can to bring Spain to its knees. No es malo y tiene sus momentos, pero es el que menos me ha gustado de la serie.


His illustrations of life in amarilko early ‘s in and about Madrid are of the highest quality and an excellent translator too! Madrid was a dangerous place, men’s honour would see friends fight to the death for dl minor faux pas. An adversary respects you even if he stabs you in the back.

El caballero del jubón amarillo

What makes Alatriste the White Hat, as it were. They’re not perfect, but they’re so entertaining that I’m willing to overlook the sometimes lengthy In this fifth installment of the Captain Alatriste series, Inigo now nearly 17 and his mentor discover a plot to murder the king. He started his journalistic career writing for the now-defunct newspaper Pueblo.

Each comprises a stand-alone story, with Balboa’s narration linking elements from earlier and, presumably, future tales.

At the time the story takes placeCervantes has died a few years before, impoverished and scorned as a literary figure of no merit. Then, he jumped to news reporter for TVE, Spanish national channel.

Characters lose their real image and realism goes on second plan. I think this is deliberate on the part of the author, to plan the books so you can jump in at any point. Everything is clear and close, immediate and hard. Other books in the series. It was a rich, thriving, bursting-with-life scene. The vanity of the swordsmen for a decaying empire, duels over one wrong glance, strict adherence to considerations of honor, pageantry, assignations, plays, poets whose stars rise and fall at the whims of the court: An enemy loathes you, even though he may praise and embrace you.

The first person narrator – the young page Inigo Balboa – made me think of the Arthurian knight from Bernard Cornwell Warlord Chronicles: Inigo, the young swain, is also finding himself in unlikely difficulties that he can’t seem to stay out of.

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