But apparently down this path Bob Boyce took towards TPU-like scalar energy, of precise frequency control and heterodyning, lies the ability to. (As of Nov. ), A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter’s electric. The Bob Boyce Plate Cell & PWMG3 & Toroid Coil & Plans. Given Away to the Public, to Further Mankind. Written by Patrick Kelly. Bob Boyce is easily the.

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If you have an opportunity to take a picture of your secondary winding tool you described, that would boyxe a great little addition for the.

I do not use a collector wire.

However, my gut feeling still prefers differential circuitry compared to single-ended. First and foremost, we tp living in the illusion of a “transverse energy world”, in tu all of our technology is designed to be based upon, and powered by, TEM transverse electromagnetic energy.

While I wish he would disclose the details about his HEXFET controllerand how to induce scalar potential into a toroid, he has disclosed information regarding resonant electrolysis of water in order to exceed Faraday’s ‘law’. Hey Bob, I came across this post in my Internet cache: Since it occured after midnight, wifey was asleep, so nobody was at the helm of the CCTV security system to see if any intruder entered the shop.


The higher the tu used, the greater the energy density. I turned these on the lathe so they would bb over the ends boycr the tubing. Can someone provide the most critical detail missing in this? As you energize the coil from the left, the potential shock wave quickly travels down the coil from left to right, pushing the ferroresonant field along tlu the core in a CCW direction, imparting some spin to that field.

These are driven in aWye configuration. I jokingly call this a ground to Mr. Hey Bob, I definitely understand what it’s like being busy with life. I have included just about everything including the kitchen sink. October 07, I can also attach the scope shots of the primary drive signal if you want. From what I understand, the magnetic bias merely aids in the control of the unstable rotational operation mode, and byce shouldn’t be needed just yet if I am running pulsed mode. Try a much smaller value cap for higher impedance output, as it is entirely possible to swamp the output without even knowing it.

I spent a lot of time working to improve upon the hydroxy tech, for the benefit of others, while my true interests have always been in direct energy tech. CW or CCW depending on hemisphere. Each has different timing and phase requirements.

I call “changing potential” or changing electrostatic field simply electrodynamic. I have been trying to convey exactly this conceptto one of the replicators that had it in his head that more primary current was the answer.


Directory:Bob Boyce Hex Controller –

The outputs of these transformers were rectified and filtered, fed to a load, and back to the input as well. There are hundreds of experiments to try: I understand that the bias supply controls extractable power out, and that it should be VDC.

Rigol DSZ is one of the best 4 channel bpb scopes on the market today.

The low permeability of a powdered iron mix is best. As for the diagram, do you have any rough recommendations for the circuit component values?

Is this what you built? Check this out and tlu BitTube. Input capacitance of some of these devices can make this quite a challenge. That was my first mistake!

Bob Boyce TPU

Before I wind my secondary on this core, I am going to go ahead and add some more longitudinal windings. It provides a source of free electrons for canceling charge, which is required by my resonance drive system. In open-ended mode, there is almost no voltage at the output load resistor. I went through several sets of transistors before I eventually shelved the experiment for a later date.

However, in the mean time, I’m spending some time learning more about FPGAs and how to program them to make a super duper control circuit with all the bells and whistles we’ll ever need.

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