It is thus appropriate to modify as follows the existing Requirements for. Rabies Vaccine for Human Use. General considerations (page 58). Replace the. Three rabies vaccines for human use derived from different rabies virus strains Animals; Biological Assay/methods*; Biological Assay/standards; Biological. BIOLOGICAL ASSAY OF RABIES ANTISERUM: The potency of rabies antiserum is determined by comparing a lethal intracerebral dose of.

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Dose should be bikassay at regular interval[minutes] Slide Never has been confirmed Rabies virus never isolated from blood. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.


Dissolve in following order L-cystine DL-trptophan dissolved in 1N — HCL and then Adenine-guanine uracil solution Xanthene solution Riboflavin — thiamine-biotin — nicotine acid solution P-amino benzoic acid — pyridoxine-pyridoxal- pyridoxamine solution. Sequential Steps of Rabies Transmission Virus lifestyle: Any suitable strain rabies virus of known potency, such as the CVS strain may be used. Longitudinal Raabies of Rabies Virus: The no of units per ml Either it is from horse of other mammals Recommended dose preservatives Slide 9: P Exposure the gluteus primus muscle thigh and remove politeal artery and crural vein.

Three rabies vaccines for human use derived from different rabies virus strains and prepared on different cell culture substrates were compared with the International Standard for Rabies Vaccine using in vivo and in vitro assay methods in a collaborative study involving 14 participants.


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Determination of potency of the antitoxin: I am very happy to your post about on. Prepare fold dilution of std. Discard any values falling beyond the range. Consisting free dried synthetic oxytocin peptide with human albumin citric acid. Maintain its sterility by the addition of toluene or other antimicrobial preservative which does not cause a rapid decline in specific toxicity. Kf a graph paper, bioaasay the transmittance value against the corresponding levels of std.

Oxytocin facilitates the contraction of uterus.

Mice, 10gg -animal same sex. Dose should be added at regular interval[minutes].

Freeze — dried preparation. The potency of diphtheria anti-toxin is determined by comparing the dose necessary to protect guinea-pig or rabbits against the erythrogenic effect of a fixed dose of the standard preparation of diphtheria anti toxin necessary to give the same protection.

On the other hand another vaccine, derived from the LEP strain, was considerably more potent in antigenicity assays than in immunogenicity assays. Acid digested casein solution. Centrifuge decant of supernatant liquid [repeat 3 times]. Virus lifestyle Virus replicated in muscle cells near site of bite for most of incubation time. Potency is determined by international reference Slide The prepared plates or dishes must be stored such that no significant growth of the test microorganism occurs before use, and the surface of the agar layer is dry at the time of use.

The test toxin is allowed to stand for some months before being used for the assay of samples of antitoxin. By contraction of the rat uterus: WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Calculate the potency from the average of these remaining values.


You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Ratio between two dose of test and two dose of standard should be equal This ratio kept constant through out the assay.

Inject a dose of 0.

It is obtained by fractionation from the serum of horses or other mammals that have been immunized against diphtheria toxin. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. The potency of rabies antiserum is determined by comparing a lethal intracerebral dose of rabies virus with the dose of standard preparation of rabies antiserum rabiees to give same protection.

Potency is determined by international reference. The Standard Preparation is the Ist Vaccjne Standard for Diphtheria antitoxin, equine, established inconsisting of the dried hyperimmune horse serum and glycerin, or another suitable preparation the potency of which has been determined in relation to the International Standard.

Dephtheria anti-toxin is preparation containing antitoxic globulins that they have the power of specifically neutralizing the toxin formed by Cornebacterium diphtheria.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. These two groups are used for titration of LD50 of challenge suspension. Presentation Description No description available.

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