In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer in English for the very first time all four volumes of Herman. This magnum opus of the renowned Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is now fully translated into English. Includes a combined index of all four volumes as well. Drawing from the church fathers and medieval thinkers, Bavinck engages Roman Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volumes () by Herman Bavinck.

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Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 1 Prolegomena by: McKim, editor, Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith “Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics has been the fountainhead of Reformed theology for the last hundred years. As he moves throughout the subject of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augustine, John Calvin, Francis Turretin, and Charles Hodge. Some of the more doxological portions of his Dogmatics compare favorably with the most familiar, lofty, moving passages in Augustine and Doymatics.

The topics explored by Bavinck are still of the utmost importance, and he addresses them here bavihck a theological voice that is amazingly fresh.

This is a cause for rejoicing. Holy Spirit, Church and New Creation is the concluding volume of Herman Bavinck’s magisterial walk through Christian theology from a Reformed perspective. I cannot express how delighted I was to read volume one for the first time in my own language!

Curley, Library Journal Theologians have long appreciated Herman Bavinck’s four-volume masterpiece, Gereformeerde Dogmatiekpublished infor its comprehensive treatment of dogmatic theology. Bavinck’s breadth, thoroughness, rigor, ecumenical interests, and spiritual fervor are clearly on display in this careful and readable translation. These volumes have been anticipated by the theological world for a long time and now that they are available, it would behoove every professor, theological student, Elder, and serious Christian to purchase them.


Bolt’s tireless work updating the documentation augments this significant work. Although written over a century ago, Reformed Dogmatics still addresses contemporary theological issues. The reader will be amazed by Bavinck’s erudition, creativity, and balance. Venema, Mid-America Journal of Theology “For those struggling with the most critical issue facing theology today, namely, the question of the truth of the Christian faith, this volume is a godsend.

Reformed Dogmatics

We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have made the treasures of Bavinck’s thought available to a new world of appreciative hearers. By the same token, the translation team has done an admirable job in what is often a thankless task of a kind of theological midwifery.

Dobmatics and new subject headings have been incorporated into each chapter, greatly facilitating reading and consultation of this work.

Endorsements “A welcome addition to the works of Bavinck in English. Bavinck is one of the premier Reformed theologians, but till now much of his magnum opus has not been accessible to English-language readers. As one who has read the entire 4-volume Dutch work from cover to cover times, I can attest to the fine job of editing and translating John Bolt and John Vriend have done, respectively. These are at once relatively concise and sufficiently detailed, enabling the reader initially to peruse only these summaries.


He also reveals a remarkable knowledge of psychology and world religions. The Method and Organization. Unfortunately, this magnum opus from the great Reformed theologian has only been available in Dutch, and therefore has been inaccessible to most readers.

Recommended for university, church, and seminary vogmatics because reeformed its historical bavindk. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Reformed Dogmatics, 4 Volume Set

Garcia, American Theological Inquiry. But it is to be hoped that the larger English-speaking theological world will also accept the challenge of seriously engaging his considerable contribution to Reformed thought. The History and Literature. Divine and Human Logos. Johnston, Banner of Truth “This volume’s theological methodology demonstrates Bavinck’s grasp of the various disciplines of theology: Mouw, IRT Bulletin “We should be extremely grateful to the Dutch Reformed Translation Society for dogmattics work in bringing this important, stimulating publication to an English readership.

Even those who are not Reformed in their theological heritage can gain much from Bavinck’s clear presentation of Christian theology. The reader is more fully equipped to understand the motivations as well as the theological constructions behind each of the respective movements.

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