The daily pooja vidhi during the Vritham is simple. Saranam Vili (chanting of Ayyappa names) should be preferably done twice a day – morning and evening. 1. Ayyappan Swamy Shlokas & Mantras. (English) . Add the words ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ after each line. 1. Swamiye. . Om Vishnupoojakaya namaha. Ayyappa Nithya Pooja Vidhanam – Ganesh, Shubramanya, Ayyappa Ashtothara Sathanamavali, Ayyappa Saranu Ghosha, Namaskara Shlokas and Sthothras.

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Nitya Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Documents. Surprised, he went round and reached the banks of River Pampa. Lord Mahavishnu in the disguise of Mohini went to the Asuras and got back the Amrutham and restored it to the Devas.

Treat every women including wife as respectable mother. Om Sri Krishna Parambramaneh namo namaha Lord Shiva, answered Rajasekara’s prayer and ordered Dharmasastha to ake the avathar of Vidnanam. This mantram has to be recited after coming home from Sabarimala and before removing the Sacred Mala Apoora machala rohani Ayyappaa Kaaranam Shatrumudrat Mahadeve Dehi me Vrata mocchanam Only after taking off the maala, offer pranams to Ayyappan’s Photo and Guruswami, the shaving has to thedone.

Do not ignore or reject the invitations of Ayyapans who call for pooja and prasadam. News spread about the prince appearing at the city gates, riding on a wild tigress.

Lord Shiva appeared before Manikantan and told him about his true identity. Rig yajuts Samaatharvarupine Om Vamanaya Namaha Andinorai aadarikkum deivamae The descent ends at Karimala thodu canal with Azhutha hill on one side and Karimala hill on the other. This dance was witnessed by Lord Shiva and Mahavishnu from a place called Kalakatti. But Amazon has the for This is an elaborate puja made at the pathinettampadi, the 18 steps leading to the hill shrine. The king, who became aware of the ministers plot, ran to Manikantan and asked for forgiveness for his minister.


It was the kings prime minister. The Golden steps is such a magnificent sight. After all, Vishnu was the protector of the Universe. Daily Ayyappa Pooja Vidhi. Saranam Ayyappa 2 Om Swamyae. Light camphor and do Karpoora aarthi chanting “Om Akhila bhuvana deepam. At that time, Pandyas were ruling in many parts of Travancore. It is here Lord Ayyappa was found by King Rajasekara. The daily pooja vidhi during the Vritham is simple. King Rajasekara was very talented, courageous and just in his deeds.

This coconut is broken only at the hill shrine and the ghee is taken for abhishekom. At that time, he heard a child crying from somewhere in the forest. Save us from Mahishi, they pleaded.

BOOKLETS – Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa

Every eye turns to the north-east horizon to witness the peerless phenomenon, vidhajam appearance of ‘Makarajyothi’, another spectacular scene which leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of the devotees.

Don’t eat non-vegetarian food. Azhutha river, a tributary of Pampa, is about 2 km from Kalaketti. After breaking the coconut they climb the 18 steps to have the darshan of Lord Ayyappa. When nothing worked, the minister brought a doctor from a faraway land.

There are varied arguments that the cult is so ancient that the deity represents Syyappa itself, which was the only matter of worship then, and that they personified Nature as Ayyappan and named him so with terms denoting respect. The festival lasts for seven days and ends the ritual known as ‘Guruthi’, an offering conducted to propitiate the Gods and Goddesses of Wilderness.


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Account Options Sign in. The devotee can purchase a coconut from the temple counter and he rolls it around the temple and later breaks it in front of the shrine. It is a seven-day festival commencing on the pooha of Makara sankranthi,the day which the sun is in summer solstice.

Periya kadutta Swamiyae 9. Do not see any dead bodies or attend funerals.

Ayyappa Swamy Nitya Pooja Vidhanam, English Version_Final Doc_2016

The devotee after a dip in the temple pond prostrates before the Lord’s idol and rolls along the pradakshina vazhi pathway around the sanctum sanctorum for perambulating.

From here the pilgrims descent the slippery path carefully. The kings prayers would be answered soon. We know not much about them. Use minimum things to run the life.

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