Avicenna and the Visionary Recital has 31 ratings and 2 reviews. Abdullah said: I guess Corbin is confused a little bit about why Avicenna wrote the reci. Buy Avicenna and the Visionary Recital: (Mythos Series) (Bollingen Series ( General)) Reprint by Henry Corbin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book . The Avicennan Recital and Its Persian Translations Contents Contents Translation of the Recital of the Bird jgg From Avicenna’s Recital to ‘Attar’s.

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Precisely this leads them to depreciate the most explicit testimonies to an ex- perience that transcends the rational and “natural” realm to which they would fain relegate what is not in agreement with their dogmatic conception of mysti- cism.

The Number of the Celestial Spheres 93 Jade rated it it was amazing Jun 26, The Celestial Spheres, pg. The Two Ways for the Soul 7.

Jung contra Freud C.

Avicenna and the Visionary Recital : (Mythos Series)

Some months later a new printing enabled the work to appear in a second edition as Volumes IV and V of the Bibliotlieque Iranienne, a collection founded by the author at the Department of Iranology of the Franco-Iranian Institute, in Teheran, and to which he devoted his best efforts during the long years of his continuous residence in Iran.

In the second case, it is the Avicennan cosmos that is taken as a magnitude to be situated: The Darkness About the Pole Pages Sem rated it it was amazing Oct 28, I confess to a certain skepticism in regal’d to this kind of causal explanation.

Library of Congress Catalogue Card No.: Beginning of the Initiation: To do so was, in itself, to connect Avicennism with its Iranian context; and from this point of view, texts and persons chronologically subsequent to Avicenna are of no less importance than those that preceded him in time.


Looking for beautiful books? The Soul’s Three Evil Companions 8. Finally — and a matter of no less consequence — these persons affect alarm over the term “esotericism,” whereas, in accordance with its Greek visinary mology, it merely expresses a notion current in every traditional culture: Epilogue; or, Avicennan Perspectives Pages The Princeton Recifal Library avicennq the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist aviicenna Princeton University Press.

Avicenna and the Visionary Recital: The Terrestrial Angels Pages The author is also happy, at the same time, to express his particular grati- tude to the Bollingen Foundation, which kindly undertook the enterprise of this edition in English.

How to Treat the Three Companions, pg. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. Account Options Sign in.

The Stranger and the Guide i g avicenns. The Salutation 4. Because of the troubles by which Banian public life was affected at the time, the schedule originally laid down for reciatl celebration of the Millenary of Avicenna suffered a lag of several years.

Although he was Protestant by birth, he was educated in the Catholic tradition and at the age of 19 received a certificate in Scholastic philosophy from the Catholic Institute of Paris. I guess Corbin is confused a little bit about why Avicenna wrote the recitals with a metaphorical language.

In his Histoire de la philosophie islamiquehe disproved the common view that philosophy among the Muslims came to an end after Ibn Rushd, demonstrating rather that a lively philosophical activity persisted in the eastern Muslim world — especially Iran — and avicdnna to our own day. What we have primarily sought to outline is a phenomenology of the Avicennan symbols in their Iranian context.

And this had its effect on the present book. The Recital of Saldman and Absal Pages In appeared a first volume, con- tuining the second part of the work. The Terrestrial Angels The result is a strange inability to grasp the organic connection among the moments of the Avicennan trilogy, and a no less strange determination to see, in the Recital of Hern ibn Yaqzan, for example, nothing but the “amusement” of a philosopher, a “harmless allegory.


Avicenna and the Visionary Recital: (Mythos Series) – Henry Corbin – Google Books

For the same reason, too, its bibliography, aside from the original texts, is confined to what bears on our particular’ intention. The Orient and Occident of the Universe 1 1.

Tarek MB rated it it was amazing Feb 11, These recitals, in which the thinker recaptures his spiritual autobiography in the rdcital of symbols, belong to a literary genre that is characteristic of Persian culture.

Then too, it was the organic wholeness of this trilogy as such that had never avicenns analyzed in relation not only to the philosopher Avicenna’s own experience but to the very meaning of Avicennism.

The Collected Dialogues of Plato Plato.

The Recital of Hayy ibn Yaqzan, pg. The Angel, Spirit and Intelligence 46 6. The Spring of Life Pages The Recital of Salaman and Absal As a boy he revealed the profound sensitivity to music so evident in his work. Avicennism and Philosophical Situation It is perhaps ambitious to propound such a theme at the beginning of a neces- sarily limited study.

Avicenna and the Visionary Recital by Henry Corbin

Maryam rated it liked it Jan 29, Some fragments of his works having had the privilege of being translated into Latin in the twelfth century, in the West Avicenna has chiefly, if not entirely, engaged the attention of specialists in medieval philosophy. The Bird as Symbol 10″.

Bahador Ali rated it it was amazing Jun 17, The Demons of the Soul

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