CL Series is a great compressor for tracking and bus/master stages and sound shaping. You can’t go wrong with it and it’s worth every euro. Free Download ArtsAcoustic CL Series – A bundle of three well engineered audio plugins designed to replicate the accuracy and quality of. The version of ArtsAcoustic CL Series is available as a free download on our website. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus.

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As for the glue, i guess compression would most likely be the culprit. Logic Pro X, LP9 Master Pro Certified.

Sries Name Remember Me? HecticccNov 28, Find More Posts by Forcefedbrokenglass. Wed Jan 13, 6: Send a private message to V’ger.

To obtain the grit, I usually distort the drums a little bit with a mild compressor on the channel, and then bus them to artsacouetic send and add parallel compression. The legend of the people who accidentally wrote really really good songs about me Thu Jan 14, 3: Try tube c, for some “blat” you might need to re-eq after wards it tends to roll off bottom end at the same time. Or the Stillwell stuff for example.


SmoothGrooverNov 28, It fucking smacks it. SafeandSoundNov 29, Find More Posts by V’ger.

It also sounded really tightly glued together in the mix. First Audio Bridge crashes, then Logic. SmoothGrooverNov 25, Last edited by David Nahmani on Mon Apr 26, If you want a good example of what im banging on about check out the Jeff Mills Axis stuff circa on YouTube, also Planetary Assault Systems early stuff on Peacefrog. Wed Jan 13, No trigger replacements or any of that shit this time around, just trying to do things as raw dog as possible but still have it sound good.

Compression, mixer and recording advice!!! – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Mon Mar 03, 6: Mid 90s Crunchy Techno Drums – What gear? If you have access to an analog desk try this for kicks: So here are my questions finallyhow will the signal from the compressor return to my board so I can record it?


Ok, so I’m recording totally organic drums for an album I’m doing coming up. Production Nov 25, I’ve loaded up Sylenth1 v2. You can’t create ‘sub-groups’ on my board so I will be able to compress ONLY 2 tracks, definitely the top snare mic and it’s a zeries up between the bottom snare or kick drum depending on what I can do with the board.

My board does boast a lot of different types of reverb though lc it could be something I add before post.

Mid 90s Crunchy Techno Drums – What gear ?

I’ve heard some say that reverb should be added strictly in post production but with the way everything is set up, I’d be tossing reverb over the kicks which would sound disgusting.

Trebor I just called Waves and they will offer bit support sometime near the end of the year. Thu Nov 10, 3: No, create an account now.

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