Áreas y Volúmenes de Cuerpos Geométricos. Uploaded by Yuri Sanchez. Fórmulas de figuras geométricas concentradas e ilustradas. Save. Áreas y. Guía de área y volumen de cuerpos geométricos. Nombre:: Calcula el área total de un cono de altura 24 cm y radio 7 cm. R: A. T. = ,36 cm 2. Title: ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE SOLIDOS, Author: Jose Ignacio Marquez, Y DE CÁLCULO DE ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE CUERPOS GEOMETRICOS.

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Ported from TI version by Andrew Selle.


ConicID ConicID calculates the type of conic section as well as the angle of rotation for the equation. Area of Bryant’s Circles This program allows you to determine the area of a circle with much more ease than the manual alternitive. This program is a utility to help you memorize everyone’s favorite number. A must-have if you are having trouble with conics or if you are just tired of them.

It can find both the arc length and sector area, given a number of degrees and the radius. Pyramid Pyramid is a program which calculates basic geometric parameters and dimensions of a given regular square pyramid. Correccion de Distancias Horizontales. User may move geometrixos arround with arrow keys.

A geomefricos have for anyone in Algebra 2 or Precalculus. Function Converter Converts a 3-d function from either rectangular, Cylindrical, or Spherical form to each of the other to forms see readme for details and an example. Circle Properties Definitions of basic terms dealing with the circle along with pictures, and equations for finding the area volumebes the circumference.

Central Angle Find the area of a quadrilateral from the measure of the angle formed by the intersection of the diagonals and either its diagonal lengths or its side lengths.


Geometría Plana/Cuerpos Geométricos/Clasificación/Redondos

Area and Volumes Equations Contains equations for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone. Well, here are a group of 14 unique functions that solve for the surface area and volume of the seven basic solids.

Regular Polygons Calculates various properties of regular polygons based on other givens that the user provides.

Get the equation of the plane tangent to the point on the surface. Ti Conics Suite This all-encompassing Conics Suite calculates Standard Form, the type of Conic, essential information about the graph length of latus recturm, foci, vertices, length of major and minor axis, equation for asymptotes and directrixes.

These are the most useful group of programs created. Geometry Formulas Plus This program allows the user to quickly geometicos the area, perimeter, surface area, or volume of many different geometrical figures. Math Programs These are programs that solve equations such as volume of cylinder with just the input of a few numbers.

Nice tutorial is added! Pas de limites de points. It’s nice to use it to check your answers, if you are in calculus. Very usefull if you are the student who can’t remember the slew of equations and theorems required for the couse and tests. Mittenpunkt-Spieker Obtains the distance between the Mittenpunkt and the Spieker Point in a triangle.

Circ Func A progam that creates the Secant, Cosecant and Cotangent circle functions also known as arc functions. Very useful areaw tests. Triangle Side Zreas Given the length of two sides of a triangle, this function calculates the range of volumnes lengths of the third side.

This is a very useful program that can shave minutes off of your homework. It is very accurate and has helped me in Calculus u lot! All answers are displayed in exact and approximate notation.


Area of a Triangle v1. A quick guide to which angles are equal to each other. Equation to Point Distance Finds distance between: Help with a lot of formulas is also included, so your 45 minutes exam will take only 5: After I edited it: Parabola Through Three Points Given three points, this program finds the equation of the parabola whose areeas of symmetry is geometricso to the X-axis on the Cartesian plane.

If this cannot be done, the function returns the boolean “false”. Euler’s Method This package of programs for all TI’s quickly converges to pi using one of Euler’s methods.

For the 2 pt program, it shows the equation for ggeometricos line passing through the centers of all circles passing through those two points. Find Area Find the area of triangles, trapezoids, circles, and ellipses.


This is a very handy program when conducting multiple calculations! Angle Solve This program makes solving sinusoidal expressions easy. Just input the number of xreas. Point’s Area This program calculates the area of a convex polygon given the matrix of vertexes. Pythagorean Theorem A simple function to execute the pythagorean theorem, enter the unknown as x.

Interpolation of levels curves. It doesn’t change the mode settings or add a new folder.

IsTriangle Test whether a triangle with three given side lengths exists.

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