Get this from a library! Apologética historia sumaria.. [Bartolomé de las Casas; Edmundo O’Gorman]. Apologética historia sumaria / Fray Bartolomé de las Casas ; edición preparada por Edmundo O’Gorman, con un estudio preliminar, apéndices y un índice de. Jay I. Kislak Foundation, Bartholomé de Las Casas, Apologética historia sumaria. Manuscript, early 19th century. Arguably one of the truly.

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Benjamin Keen likewise did not consider Las Casas to have had any substantial impact on the slave trade, which was well in place before he began writing. As Ocampo’s ships began returning with slaves from the land Las Casas had been granted, he went to Hispaniola to complain to the Audiencia.

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His influence at court was so great that some even considered that su,aria had the final word in choosing the members of the Council of the Indies. Las Casas maintained that they were fully human and that forcefully subjugating them was unjustifiable. Views Read Edit View history. The colonist would only have rights aologetica a certain portion of the total labor, so that a part of the Indians were always resting and taking care of the sick. Las Casas became a hacendado and slave owner, receiving a piece of land in the province of Cibao.

Portals Access related topics. Glendon, Mary Ann In the years following his death, his ideas became taboo in the Spanish realm, and he was seen as a nearly heretical extremist. Jun 28th, by David Lantigua. Inhe finished his Historia General de las Indias and signed it over to the College of San Gregorio, stipulating that it could not be published until after historix years.


Historia y obra desconocidas.

Cultural Readings – Las Casas, Apologetica historia

In order to make the proposal palatable to the King, Las Casas had to incorporate the prospect of sumria for the royal treasury. This was meant simply to halt the decimation of the Indian population and to give the surviving Indians time to reconstitute themselves.

Lives of the Saints 1st ed. During the next years, he divided his time between being a colonist and his duties as an ordained priest. In Friede, Juan; Keen, Benjamin. Unlike other priests who sought to destroy apologetcia indigenous peoples’ native books and writings, he strictly opposed this action.

In Rodriguez, Junius P. Las Casas appointed a vicar for his diocese and set out for Europe in Decemberarriving in Lisbon in April and in Spain on November In chapter 3, I hisyoria that Las Casas analyzed the events of history in relation to the precepts of the canon law tradition. A highly anticipated book on Las Casas! Like one who kills a son before his father’s eyes is the man who offers sacrifice from the property of the poor. He was appointed as jistoria first resident Bishop of Chiapasand the first officially appointed ” Protector of the Indians “.

Las Casas had become a hated figure by Spaniards all over the Islands, and he had to seek refuge in the Dominican monastery. He proposed 12 other remedies, all having the specific aim of improving the situation for the Indians and limiting the powers that colonists were able to exercise over them.

The King also promised not to give any encomienda grants in Las Casas’s area.

Bartolomé de las Casas

He wrote a letter asking for permission to histroia in Spain a little longer in order to argue for the Emperor that conversion and colonization were best achieved by peaceful means. Some privileges were also granted to the initial 50 shareholders in Las Casas’s scheme. Arriving in Spain he was met by a barrage of accusations, many of them based on his Confesionario and its 12 rules, which many of his opponents found to be in essence a denial of the legitimacy of Spanish rule of its hietoria, and hence a form of treason.

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He drafted a suggestion for an amendment arguing that the laws against slavery were formulated in such a way that it presupposed that violent conquest would still be carried out, and he encouraged once again beginning a phase of peaceful colonization by peasants instead of soldiers.

The bread of the needy is the life of the poor; whoever deprives them of it is a man of blood.

Las Casas was finally convinced that all the actions of the Spanish in the New World had been illegal and that they constituted a great injustice.

Las Casas was resolved to see Prince Charles who resided in Flandersbut on his way there he passed Madrid and delivered to the regents a written account of the situation in the Indies and his proposed remedies.

Here, Las Casas argued, Indians could be better historla, better taught and indoctrinated in the Christian sumzria, and would be easier to protect from abuse than if they were in scattered settlements.

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