Index. ▫Jain Agam (Canonical) Literature ƒ Definition ƒ Classification ƒ Listings of Sutras ƒ Summary of Agams by Jainsects ƒ History of Preservation ƒ Agam. The Agama scriptures have been composed by Lord Tirthankaras by way of their meanings, whereas by ‘Sutra’ they have been composed by Lord Gandharas. Phone:: +91 22 1. ĀGAMA – AN INTRODUCTION (English): This booklet provides a brief summary of each Āgama with a few key sutras highlighted.

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All Jain sects believe that knowledge of the Purvas Drastivad was gradually lost starting about one hundred fifty years after Lord Mahavir’s nirvan death. Jainp. Around to AD, the Swetambar sect also divided into three sub-sects known as Swetambar Murtipujak, Sthanakvasi, and Terapanthi. The earliest versions of Jain Agamas known were composed in Sytras Prakrit.

Dasha Vaikalika Sutra This agam briefly describes and explains the conduct of ascetic life. Appendix – Summary of Swetambar Jain Agams: King Chetaka was the half brother of the ten princes. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism.

Jain literature

Number of Ang-bayha agams Lost. Siddha-Hem-Shabdanushasana” by Acharya Hemachandra c. Chief among these is Ardha Magadhiwhich due to its extensive use has also come to be identified as the definitive form of Prakrit. Practically all the known texts in the Apabhramsha language are Jain works.

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They relate to the conduct and behavior of monks and nuns. Also, during the course of wutras many learned acharyas elder monks compiled commentaries on the various subjects of the Agam literature. Lord Mahavir’s preaching were orally compiled into many texts scriptures by his disciples. Hence, the Jain religion does not have one sacred book like the Bible or Koran, but it has many books compiled by several Gandharas and Srut-kevalis.


This agam describes the universe and the subtle description of all living beings souls of the universe.

Devendrasuri wrote Karmagrantha which discuss the theory of Karma in Jainism. Dasha Shruta Skandha Sutra Achardasha: Present Status of Ang-agams: A description of the six routines Avashyakas is explained in this agam. Acharya Virsen wrote two commentary texts, known as Dhaval-tika on the first five volumes and Maha-dhaval-tika on the sixth volume of this scripture, around A.

The Agam Sutras show great reverence for all forms of life and strict codes of vegetarianism, asceticism, nonviolence, and opposition to war. Many Tamil classics are sutas by Jains or with Jain beliefs and values as the core subject. Number of Ang-agams Lost. Digambars follow two main text and four Anuyogs written by great Acharyas scholars from to AD as the basis for their religious philosophy aagam practices.

A description of the six routines Avashyakas are explained in this agam.

Jain Agama Literature

In this work he wrote against the Digambara sect of Jainism. Commentary on Shatkhand-agam Vol 1 to 5. He removed the doubts of King Pradeshi regarding the existence and attributes of the soul.

Jain texts Indian poetics Religious poetry.

Jain Agamas

Antah Kradashanga Sutra Anatagaddasao: The daily rituals or routines which it is necessary to perform during the day and night for the sutgas of soul are called Avashyaka.

This text is very useful in understanding the mode of Lord Mahavir’s religious preaching. Hence the existing Agam-sutras which are accepted by the Swetambar sects are not accepted by them as authentic scriptures.

Number of Ang-bayha agams Survived. The Digambar sect believes that sutraz Ang-bahya-agams were also gradually lost starting about two hundred years after Lord Mahavir’s Nirvan. The twelfth Ang-agam Drastivad is considered lost by all Jain Sects. Hence in its opinion, the complete Jain agam literature is lost within few hundred years after Lord Mahavir’s nirvan. It was written by two Acharyas; Pushpadant and Bhutabali around A. The scriptures which describe independent or miscellaneous subjects of the Jain religion are known as Sutraas.


This agam explains Jain principles through examples and stories. This was later detailed by Mallisena c. Jain text composed by Acharya Kundakunda in the first century B.

Jainism Literature Center – Articles

Both of these upangas, the Chandra Prajnapti and Surya Prajnapati, are very important in understanding the astrology of olden times. However, the subject matter of the Purvas are referenced by other Jain scriptures and literature. Acharya Pushapdant and Bhutabali. For example, almost all early Kannada literature and many Tamil works were written by Jains.

This agam explains differences in the death of children, youths, adults, and old people. Agamm provide further explanation of Ang-agams. They renounced the world and became monks. The existing Svetambara texts are based on the Vallabhi council texts. Lord Mahavir’s preaching was methodically compiled by his immediate disciples known as Gandharas, and elder monks known as Srut-kevalis into many texts known as Sutras.

This page was last edited on 16 Marchat Part of a series on. The different Jain sects accept different numbers of Ang-bahya texts.

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