I messed up a few times while performing Stigmata. I pretty much have all the patter (although not too original) down. I just need some help and. Acidus Directus: An Acidus Novus Handling Tweak. By Jay Jennings. (In the description below, when I say the front or back of the card, I mean in relation to the. I’m starting to delve a little bit into mentalism at the moment and I’ve recently been trying to get to grips with Acidus Novus but I have one main.

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You know with drumming and chanting? These letters are both hand-written and type-written, and offer a unique insight into two very creative minds.

I messed up a few times while performing Stigmata. Would you want a copy of that video? Or next week, for that matter. These routines cover everything from impromptu to stage situations, and include presentations incorporating body language, palmistry, astrology, ESP, pendulums and book tests. Since then, this simple-yet-ingenious methodology has become a classic in the field and a favorite for countless working professionals.

The Principles of Magic. Mentalism of any kind is typically seen as a “advanced art form” because of this.

Acidus Envelopus by Millard Longman

Qcidus performer then proceeds to reveal the thought letter by letter. Acidus Globus comes on a professionally authored and mastered DVD, and contains: First, don’t worry about it. These are the easiest and best billet methods available for stage and close up, aciduss or prepared. Because it’s a full billet peekwith no restrictions on where the writing is placed on the billet, that’s why!

What I saw in the preview was someone wrote down something on a business card while you look away and you, as the performer folded and crushed it up and still, with head turned, sat it on the table. I haddn’t considered folding it up further, I probably will PM you Tristan I am intending to purchase 13 Steps to Mentalism as soon as I can Allen, perhaps I am jumping the gun a bit, but I was just hoping to incorporate the peek into some more simple mentalism effects that I’ve been studying already.


A couple of more general tips in the meantime. The descriptive text explains everything, including the perfect paper to use, how to prepare the billet for optimum effectiveness, psychological suggestions, as well as why Acidus Novus is the perfect solution to the problems inherent to billet work.

MEVPRO Shop – Professional Products for Professional People

All i say is this “i just performed the peak in front of you 4 times This is one of the most advanced techniques in Billet work I never give them the billet back. As good as the original Acidus Novus was, this book will show you improvements and additional handlings that will allow you to take your billet work to the next level — immediately!

Lemniscate Inner circle United States Posts. They can literally write their thought anywhere acidua the billet, fold it up, hand it to you and acidsu a moment, you know exactly what’s on their mind!

Without a doubt, the original Acidus Novus was a breakthrough and continues to be a major player in the contemporary world of billet work. I’ve not “attacked” Spidey, I stated that I was disappointed because I couldn’t find credits given on something, I even took the bump that I may have just missed it.

The technique is wonderful, the advice solid, and the price entirely too low.


Acidue key example centers on how you over-state things around the peek and how noovus it would be to see anything. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I really hope my response cleared a few things up and that you will find use for the material.

The card routine accidus the blank deck still comes off as being a Card Trick even without the pips BECAUSE you’re using a deck of blank playing card stock and too, you are handling it as you would a deck of cards; the entire approach is identical to most signed card routines I’ve seen over the past 45 years. A bit like the way animals can allegedly sense fear. Esjay Dee Loyal user Halls of residence Posts. The only example I will throw out there are the small booklets in mentalism that are still percolating unless they have been re-released.

Magic Tricks

The Professional Mentalist’s Intelligence Manual. As a very special bonus, we’ve included the actual correspondance that began when Millard wrote to Al Mann with what he considered to be an improvement to a billet technique that Al had published. If you can help, please PM me. Board index All times are UTC.

Do you already have an account? Acifus of 12 individuals, we barely sleep, and we will do anything necessary to bring you the best magic, the best talent, the best training and playing cards possible. PK Regular user Posts.

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