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ACI Standard. Recommended Practice for. Consolidation of Concrete (ACI 72). D. H. BASGEN. R. H. BRUBAKER. JOHN C. FARMER. LARS FORSSBLAD. Recommended Practice for Consolidation of Concrete (ACI ). Front Cover. American Concrete Institute. American Concrete Institute, – Concrete – Recommended Practice for Consolidation of Concrete (ACI ) (Reaffirmed ). Front Cover. ACI Committee American Concrete Institute,

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Elastomeric form liners for texturing architectural concrete. Section — Precast Concrete.

Full text of “ACI: Manual of Concrete Practice, Part 1”

Submit under provisions of Section Denver, CO Tel: Use of some types of release agents will adversely affect the elastomeric urethane. Tensile Strength Ultimate D Light textures may get lost ai a tall building.

This section is based on the products of Scott System, Inc.

After curing the forms are removed revealing the pattern created by the form liner. Never try to match textures end to end, i. ACI 78 — CH.

Find in a library : Recommended practice for consolidation of concrete (ACI ).

Storage of form liner shall be out of direct sunlight and in temperatures below degrees F 60 degrees C. Do not use damaged liner when continued use or repair would diminish the aesthetics of the Work.


Section — Concrete Finishes. Chamfered corners shall be smooth, solid, unbroken continuous lines.

Proper cleaning and storage of form liner is required to obtain acceptable results. Section — Concrete Formwork. Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section Do not use damaged 309-722.

Citation Styles for “Recommended practice for consolidation of concrete (ACI 309-72).”

Store and use form liner panels at temperatures between 40 degrees F and degrees F. Abrasion — Taber H Scott Systems Pattern Series: Insert pattern number s of zci required. The following is one example of how a mock-up on a large project might be specified. Avoid vibrator contact with the form liner.

Approved mock-up shall be the standard by which Work will be evaluated.

Keyed liner cannot strip unless it is not bonded to form sections and can be peeled from the set concrete after the form has been moved away. Scott System Flex-Liner elastomeric form liner for creating textures in poured-in-place or precast concrete.


Incorporate formwork accessories and minimum one vertical and one horizontal form liner joint.

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Provide full scale mock-up using contract materials, methods and workmanship. Form liner accessories of fasteners, sealants, rustication and backup strips, form release agents and sealers as scheduled or required. Include jointing, form tie location and pattern of placement.

Anchor liner to form on centers not to exceed 18 inches mm. A minimum of 3 years experience with form liners similar to those required for this Project.

Section — Tilt-Up Concrete. Cover form liners to protect from oil, dirt and UV exposure. Form corners indicated to be chamfered with PVC chamfer. Elongation D — percent: Sectioning of column forms will eliminate this problem.

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