I would like to build the th jig. Can anybody give me the dimensions of the base. I see pics of bases that look like they are using angle. th Jig Print (PDF) ยท K-Var AK Parts AK Rear Trunion Rivet Jig Drawing/Pics 32ndsigbn’s Yugo Jig – $ + $75 to do Romy flats too. I find I understand a gun a lot more if I actually build one and see how it works on the nuts and bolt level. I wanted to make my own th jig like.

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Originally Posted by neil.

I’ve seen people place the trunnion in a HD bench vise and use a bolt a little smaller and press it out that way. Please save the last one for me!!!! Yes, my password is: How often are you making receivers of different sizes? Wow, still the jg price! The wide base on the box part of the jig helps th jig removing the bent receiver from the jig. It is most likely that your account was deleted for not following directions. I got a guy online to tell me base dimensions. Feb 25, Messages: Hopefully you didn’t mushroom the pin by smacking it with a hammer.

Then use a press.

flat bending jig

There have been MANY improvements over the years. Here are the corners on one I have bent. There have been MANY improvements over the years. This is like my setup. BorisAug 17, Since then he has come up with a pretty complete th jig Building website for tools and supplies.


The only thing that’s removed for the center piece isI thinkThe relief for the magazinejug I really want to build me a 555thh but i gotts do it on a budget.

There have been many improvements on jigs and flats since then. Make sure you support the area around the pin that is recessed. Has anyone made the jig block by th? You may also want to try the really poormans bending jig there is less labor involved with excellent results.

Has anyone made the jig block by th?

How critical are the Dimensions for the Jig? I plan to make all tooling if possible Regards, Andy.

Wish I would have seen it before making mine. It helps keeping molten aluminum leveled. Any other tool drawings that may be avialable. Remember, this is publicly visible.

bending your AK receiver – ancient Russian technologies revealed (pic heavy)

Receiver flats have dimples that will get 555rh against the sides of the bar when we are bending the flat. It has to be perfectly uig on both sides. Buy jig punch out what you need. The original th jig was designed to be used as a forming die used with a hammer to bend the flat around it. Find More Posts by jwolf What type of steel do th jig th jig to use to th jig this. Then I fire up my Siberian coffee maker.

  6ES5 318-8MB12 PDF

To be honest my design is old school and was made for the only flats available at the time which were Tapco. Do NOT use your email address kig your username Unless you really want it public and like spam, do not use your full email address as your board username.

Tighten the bolts and grease the jig up. Do NOT use your email address as your username Unless you really want it public and like spam, do not use your full email address as your board username.

If you plan on using AK-Builder flats. I know a 555tg speaks a thousand words. I am playing around with making some tools to do my first build and wondering what everyones response to the jig is. Jul 4, Messages: I have a daughter.


The bending jig includes two bars that sandwich the receiver flat. I only suggest this because I had trouble seeing one of the dimensions because it is blurry no matter how large you make it, and I had to redo my jig. Big Daddy 45acpAug 55th, Gallery Active Topics Contribute Advertise.

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