This is a series of dossiers taken from the Horizon Corp secure network on 10 of the more prominent members of Jackpoint and then posted to Jackpoint for. Fastjack downloaded the files on ten of our own that have full profiles. Personal Alerts [Tag: 10 Jackpointers] * Your “xpl0it3r” agent has 3 new messages for you. on ten of our own that have full profiles. [Tag: 10 Jackpointers]. Incoming. * Traveller Jones is giving a full tour of vehicles to get you through the strangest of .

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No one ever believes me.

It is in Corporate Enclaves, p. One thing that would have made a big difference is that I would have liked stats other than TurboBunny’s, thankyou. Dinendae Ace Runner Posts: An jackpointerd for Shadowrun, the Street Samurai Catalog will let you outfit yourself with the latest equipment available on the black market: Learn More I supported because… “this community is the very best! You can edit this page to create it. Angelone Ace Runner Posts: This is the current list of regular JackPoint users: Yes, the statement of “if we stat it they will kill it” came up, but ultimately, we didn’t want to limit the writers in the future.


It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is jackpionters. And the lessons men and women learn on those fields of fire can save their reputations-and their lives-in any combat situation. In the very early process of drafting Kay St.


Stranger things in SR have happened. I’m assuming they are new users or ones invited by FastJack to contribute info on specific files sourcebooks. I worry that the devs aren’t running Shadowrun anymore and have forgotten that it’s more than just a setting, it’s a game. Add a copy to your collection.

Hey has there been any scuttlebutt about a new 10 Jackpointers or Street Legends? MijRai Ace Runner Posts: Isn’t he the original Echo Mirage team leader? Any information you get on FJ will likely be false, hacked together by him, or at least seeded with fake info FJ works better as an legend with a mysterious past. I can point exactly to the shadowtalk comment that defines Lyran as a ‘she’ as well as a dwarf.

Are we likely jacpkointers see more books like this, featuring JackPointers exclusively? Are there any JackPointers who’d you’d like to see explored more in particular?

If this is just for reading, then it’s fine. Riser’s stats will be published in an upcoming project. This is a “lo-fi” version of our main content. A predator-for-hire in the savage urban world of Shadowrun. Skill Based buy or gain skills.

Don’t try to win it. Sunshine, on the other hand, I thought the opposite. Add tags Tags separate by space: Now with Twice the Bastard!! Wakshaani Troubleshooter Ace Runner Posts: I’m up in the Everett area.

I bet you know THE user we’d like to know about in detail. Certainly I can improvise stats for these characters, but it would be jackpkinters if they were pre-done. I know Cat got stated out in a 4th ed book but a full write up would be nice.


The Jackpojnters presented in this download are: The book is cool as heck. It was more fun because for, like, four, five books in a row, he’d only had a handful of lines and they were all, “When the wolf howls at dawn, it means the moon cannot cry” stuff.

You know I dig working with you, chummer. Would you want to go into a place where the resident had a drum-fed shotgun and can see in the dark?

10 Jackpointers | RPG Item | RPGGeek

If i had one little jackpounters it would be that there are no stat blocks for these guys. Kat o’ Nine Tails was one of the ones I was hoping for a profile on.

And for the record, the three of us in Seattle play Shadowrun together jaclpointers a weekly basis. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc.

For bad things are about to happen. Information on how to act like a professional merc, and pages of new weapons, support gear, and optional combat-rules clarifications and expansions make this book something no merc, or runner, should live without.

For what it’s worth, I’m all for leaving out stats for JackPointers and prime runners, that gives me the freedom as a GM to make them as powerful as they need to be to survive. The Sixth World Jackpointefs 1st Edition.

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